Friday, 20 February 2009

Wheels of fate

A Bath community allotment project has been forced to put wheels on a greenhouse in order to circumvent expensive planning permission rules. Even more hilariously they are thinking of putting an outboard motor on a shed for the same reason.

The Sock thought wouldn't it be fun to have wheels on a shed and in a strange synchronicity found Shedworking has coincidentally blogged just that a couple of days ago [Oops - just had another look at that and it was actually a year ago!!! So much for synchronicity]. Spookily the shed has ended up at Sockburn Hall which was of course where the original Socks lived until Great-great-grandad Ganymede Sock gambled the family fortune away and left us destitute.

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Yolanda Elizabet said...

Oh goody. I've always wanted to have a house in the centre of London. I'll have one built, say smack in the midle of Hyde Park, put wheels on it and Bob's your uncle.

Thanks for the link, it was really amusing to read about it all. And here I was thinking that I've got it bad with all those ridiculous rules that we Dutch have to put up with.