Tuesday, 24 March 2009

What's yellow and smells a bit of bananas?

Monkey sick!!!!!

Or alternatively muscari macrocarpum (above) which the Sock bought from Marchant's Hardy Plants at the weekend, along with a pulmonaria 'blue ensign' which has the most fabulously vivid deep blue flowers and a purpley/bluey/greyish hellebore which has already lost its plant label.

The Sock was tempted to repeat the monkey sick joke to the proprietor when he told her about the muscari's banana smell but somehow managed to keep schtum. The joke was side-splittingly funny when told on stage by Rik Mayall many years ago but may have since lost something in translation.


emmat said...

ah rik mayall i spent quite a long time wanting to kiss him when i was about 14

easygardener said...

I've had the Muscari for a number of years and never realised it smelled of bananas. I will get down on my hands and knees when a flower appears this year !