Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Where have all the flowers gone?

The Sock was sorting out her garden file today and came across a bag full of plant labels. Instead of getting on with the job in hand an hour was spent perusing the labels and wondering what the heck had happened to some of the plants associated with them. Given that the Sock's garden isn't really very big you might think it would be difficult to 'lose' so many plants. So today's blog is a lucky dip where the Sock draws out a few random labels and ponders on what and where they might have been..

First up..

Penstemon 'Blue springs'. The Sock remembers a dwarf penstemon that lived in a pot for a couple of years but has no idea where it is now. It looks a bit like 'sour grapes' which the Sock has tried twice but unlike other penstemons in the garden has never had many flowering stems and may well have been disposed of for not trying hard enough.

Eryngium 'Picos blue'. Ah yes.. that was bought at Hampton Court flower show last year and went in the front gravel garden. Another two eryngiums were planted as well (the Sock had a 'thing' about them last year) and only one appears to have survived. Wonder which one it is.

Mertensia maritima. The Sock remembers this as an attractive blue succulent with edible leaves that apparently tasted like oysters. The snails around here have quite sophisticated tastes. Gone in 60 seconds!

Jovibarba 'hirt neilreichii'. A Wisley shop purchase which would have been added to the happy family of sempervivums and jovibarbas in pots and on the mini-rockery where they all do well but the Sock has no idea which one is which. Some of them made there way to Fat Rascal's trough in the Auvergne along with a couple of stowaway woodlice.

Aquilegia 'greenapples'. Hmmm... wonder what happened to that.

Bongardia chrysogonum. Eh?

Weigela foliss purpureis. Been in for years and one of the Sock's favourites - lovely flowers in May and attractive purpley bronze leaves.

Hebe 'Pascal'. Been and gone.

Clematis 'honora'. The Sock found an unidentified clematis in a pot recently and was wondering which pruning group it was or whether it is was one of the ones that got wilt and died. (Just found 'The president' label and the Sock doesn't remember having seen that one for years.)

Baccharis Patagonica. Not a clue other than it came from Architectural Plants and is apparently salt and wind resistant evergreen with fragrant flowers in June. Would that be the one that smelt of newly cooked biscuits? If so it's gone.

Linaria purpurea 'Canon Went'. Canon went and seeded everywhere in the garden.

Echeveria 'Black Prince'. Not ringing any bells.

Ocimum 'Magic Mountain'. Nobody told me ocimum was in fact basil.

Anemone Pavonina 'St. Bavo'. Well what do you know? This was named after the patron Saint of Ghent. They are both now residing in heaven.

The Sock will end with Lotus hirsutus ' blue boy' doing well and another of the Sock's favourites although it might have sustained a bit of frost damage.

Hold on... one last label. Lupinus 'Masterpiece'. This must be the Cleve West Lupin! Not sure whether the original ones have survived but the Sock kept seeds from them in the fridge and will see if she can grow something better than the scoggy ones that Crocus provided last year!


Karen - An Artist's Garden said...

what a wonderful post - it is so reassuring to know that I am not alone in having plant labels with no accompanying plant any more (phew)

It is not surprising that the snails ate the Mertensia maritima - it looks lovely.
Great post Arabella :)

emmat said...

i hate that feeling. Whereas i love the feeling of seeing that the couple of things I actually managed to plant last summer are really coming back up! Even after the snow! I throw almost all plant labels away now because it's just too depressing
sorry i cannot even rouse myself to make a joke on the subject - it's just too (sniff) grim

Arabella Sock said...

I'm so glad I'm not the only one.
The label bag is a real trip down memory lane although I think I cleared some of the oldest labels out a few years ago.

I'm hoping the acquilegia 'greenapples' reappears as it was really very pretty.

That mertensia disappeared pretty much overnight after I had planted it and I didn't notice for a while and then thought "How odd - I could have sworn I planted something there!"

Fat Rascal said...

I keep all my labels too.
And seed packets. A really depressing exercise is comparing the picture on the front with the real thing.

Plants may have come and gone but the woodlice live on!

Why can the combined postal services of two countries carry woodlice alive and well but STILL can't get Radio Times to me?