Friday, 10 April 2009

Easter at Sock Towers

Easter is jobs weekend at Sock Towers.

Today we have been around our tiny terraced house and made a list of all the jobs that need doing and put them into a spreadsheet.

Tomorrow we will prioritise which jobs need doing immediately, which can wait, mark which jobs will be allocated to builders and decorators and assign the others to the Bedsock or myself.

Sunday we will have a day of rest after this exertion and possibly check out the new Jamie Oliver restaurant in Brighton for lunch.

Monday we will start on some of our jobs and realise that we do not have the equipment or materials needed. This will necessitate several trips to B&Q who, as usual, will have run out of anything we want like nails or screws etc. All further work will be postponed indefinitely.

During the evenings we will endeavour to watch 30 hours of stored TV programmes on our Virgin V+ box. The other 30 recorded hours will either have to be deleted or downloaded to DVDs, a long and boring process. The box is malfunctioning - it didn't record the entire week we were away so I missed crucial episodes of America's Next Top Model and Project Runway. The Virgin engineer informed us that we need a new box and would therefore lose all our recordings on the existing one.

Nobody bought me an Easter Egg.

The picture is of 'Pheasant's eye' daffodils at Cotehele gardens.


James A-S said...

No Easter egg? shame on your nearest and dearest.
I have a hollow egg containing young Chris Beardshaw (he hollered a bit when we put him in there) that I would have sent you had I known.
Your task allocation system sounds very similar to ours.

Fat Rascal said...

I totally approve of the "to-do" list. Write it all down then forget about it and get on with what you want to do.

I've persuaded Even Fatter Rascal that he needs to buy me two blue wooden planters for my standard hollies. Then take me on a trip to my favourite GC in the back of beyond.

Such an extreme pensioner bank holiday jaunt I may even have a blue rinse and put on my best cardie to get into the groove.

Crusty Bedsocks said...

Just to make you jealous I was given a Baileys easter egg with yummy truffles!

I have just spooked myself looking at the picture of the sea of gravy - I can see a scary face! (and no it's not my reflection in the screen!)

emmat said...

i bought myself a massive italian easter cake, which is made out of panettone but in the shape of a dove. Am literally standing around loitering by my own fridge (it's on top) like a dog, waiting for it to fall off and the box to tear so i can eat it

Juliet said...

Would mention of the Screwfix catalogue ruin your carefully planned excuse for not getting any of that DIY done?

Cotehele is one of my favourite gardens, and one I'm always recommending everywhere - have you been before? I hope you liked it as much as I do.

PS It's not Easter Sunday yet - you might still get an egg!

Karen - An Artist's Garden said...

I thought easter eggs arrive on Sunday ?,
I live in hope of getting one
Little jobs always take a huge amount of time because they seem to reate other little jobs that have to be done before the original little job can be completed and therefore crossed off the spreadsheet.

Arabella Sock said...

James it isn't too late to have the Beardshaw egg couriered down to me.

Fat Rascal that sounds like my kind of bank holiday jaunt - I have cardie, pac-a-mac and rain bonnet at the ready.

Crusty - have you been drinking the Baileys out of the eggs?

Emma - you can't possibly eat all that panettone on your own, you could ask James to add a bit to the parcel he is having couriered down to me.

Juliet - Cotehele was lovely, I haven't been before. The huge drifts of daffodils were gorgeous and the magnolias magnificent.

Karen - surely it is better to have the egg on Easter Friday so you can spend the extended weekend eating it? Even if the egg arrives today I will have lost a day with it.

And to finish here is a little picture of how to Easter Eggs are made......

clic for the pic

Crusty Bedsocks said...

Well I did polish off the all truffles! Seriously if you look at the stream(?) of gravy from the gravy boat as the nose, there is a face there!

Fat Rascal said...

I hadn't even noticed the gravy boat before!

I have a dark choccy Lindt bunny. Why does chocolate taste different if it's in a bunny or egg shape?

Hope all your Beardshaws are "creme" filled!

Karen - An Artist's Garden said...

lol - always wondered how easter eggs were made

Ms B said...

And no eggy wegg to comfort you after the final of America's Next etc! Shame :(

Arabella Sock said...

The Easter bunny still hasn't bought me an eggywegg. We did have a very nice lunch at Jamie Oliver's restaurant which I washed down with a bellini and two glasses of wine. What with that and the puddings we scoffed I had to spend the afternoon sleeping it off. Woken up just in time for an apéro.

By the way. The Bedsock has asked me to point out that he couldn't have given a toss about America's Next Top Model or Project Runway as he was too busy being gutted over the crucial lost episodes of Lost, Battlestar Galatica and 24 where we appear to have missed the one where Jack waterboards key members of the US government.

We need to get the wretched thing fixed before Britain's Next Top Minger starts.

VP said...

No eggywegs here either and I AM NOT HAPPY!

I suspect NAH will capitulate tomorrow and buy one that's being sold off at half price.

He'd better.

Arabella Sock said...

Wot no eggyweggy!!!!!! That is abysmal VP! The only eggyweggy I ever got in my life was from Betty's. Yes THE Betty's where Matthew Wilson gets his buns from.
Anyway because I was on their mailing list for choccywoccys and stuff they accidentally sent me an Easter Egg!!!!! Because I am totally honest and good person I phoned them and said. "Someone, somewhere is missing their eggyweg!". Jesus smiled on me that day and Betty's said "You may keep the Eggywegg because you have been such a good person".

Imagine how gutted I was then when I smashed open the chocolate egg only to find it was HOLLOW!!!!!!

Crusty Bedsocks said...

I hope NAH has better luck than I did VP. I tried to buy some mini eggs & mini cream eggs for everyone at work yesterday and all the local shops were sold out of ALL Easter eggs. The last shop I tried said that everyone had sold out even M&S, he said that it was probably because Woolies had closed and people had top go elsewhere to buy their eggies!