Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Jobs weekend - The results!

So here we have a picture of Monday evening at Sock Towers at the end of the 'Jobs Weekend'.

The entire contents of the side passageway have been dumped over the garden along with half the contents of the 'soon to be in a skip' shed. It is making way for a greenhouse. This means that Emma will then be the only garden blogger in the world who doesn't have a greenhouse!!!! Ha ha ha hahahahahahahaaaaaa!

Unfortunately all weekends in the foreseeable future are likely to be 'Jobs Weekends' until everything has been restored back to its rightful place or 'skipped' and the new greenhouse has been delivered and constructed. We are doing the construction ourselves as the nice lady on the phone said it was really easy......................................


Juliet said...


easygardener said...

A greenhouse is so handy - I couldn't do without mine. The only thing better would be two greenhouses!
Good luck erecting yours. I'm sure it will be easy peasy.

emmat said...


actually i kill absolutely anything which doesn't have access to proper free-falling rain (including my windowboxes, except the ones I planted with green-roof style sedums and sempervirums) so greenhouse is Out Of Bounds 4 me

Arabella Sock said...

It's true I am evil. I think I am with you on the sedums and semps front - they do very well accept for the ones that died in the "I can't believe it's a hard frost" debacle.
At least I will have somewhere to overwinter the aeoniums this year.

I don't know anything about greenhouses and have bought this one on the basis of a) I have always wanted one and it is on my to do before I die list and b)that it looks pretty.

VP said...

I don't have a greenhouse either!

I see you managed to pesuade the bedsock that one of those really posh ones was just what you needed!

WV says mosses - sounds like you need to add that to your job list immediately!

NewShoot said...

I like your pond!

The Intrepid Explorer (Maggi) said...

golli - that being WV one is morally bound to respond. Much sterling work has been going on at SockTowersgs t, I just hope you haven't overdone it.
Have fun with your new greenhouse, you will love it. I can spend an age just doing the watering. Everyone needs their own special time (the plants I mean) and I have to have quick word of encouragement to them all.

Emma - I can kill things that don't have access to water, windowboxes in particular. The greenhouse is different because you know you are in charge and if you don't sort it, noone else will.

Arabella Sock said...

Now, if I had known that half of you didn't have greenhouses I might not have been so jealous!

VP the Bedsock was right behind the posh greenhouse idea from the beginning - he always thinks if you have wanted something for ages you should have it. Sometimes, ages can be as long as two weeks! As I am the household Financial Director I showed a rare sense of responsibility and dithered for nearly 3 months over whether this was a completely unjustifiable waste of money and worse than that, would deprive the cats of their siesta spot on top of the shed. Common sense won out and the Bedsock forced me into ordering it although we saved a few hundred on (hopefully) erecting it ourselves. So according to my accounting system we can spend the money we saved on nice things to go in the greenhouse!

Maggi, I am hoping that the greenhouse (despite being very small) is going to open up a whole new area of gardening for me. I have never really done growing from seed and I am hoping that the greenhouse will help save me from the disappointment of losing another tomato crop (3 plants in a growbag!)to blight.

Hi Newshoot, despite being tiny the pondlet does attract a load of extra wildlife to the garden. As I mainly view the garden from my study window (above) I like to watch the reflection of the sky and clouds scudding across in it.
It did have a tiny pumped fountain in it which was probably a bit naff and the tinkly water noise was a bit irritating.

Unfortunately the pondlet does go green and murky very quickly so if anyone has a solution to this (tried all the barley stuff and various fluids that purport to keep water clear) please tell me.