Saturday, 30 May 2009

Best Bedsock Ever

Last night the Bedsock came home from work with a little pressie for me. "Close your eyes and put out your hands" said the Bedsock. The Sock did so, not without a certain amount of trepidation being the sort of person herself who would then be overwhelmingly tempted to dump something cold, wet and slimey (like one of the frogs the cats bring in) into the opened palms. The Bedsock is a totally trustable person though so the Sock did as she was told and he gave her something cold, hard and oddly shaped... and it was

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James A-S said...

Soooo smooth, that Bedsock !
Congratulations. it is well deserved.

easygardener said...

Sweet! The best kind of surprise.

Fat Rascal said...

What a great present, better than a plasticine medal.

You can put it in the new greenhouse and drink champagne from it while pottering.

Rothschild Orchid said...

That warms the cockles of my heart! Ain't love grand? You are a very lucky Sock :-D

VP said...

Ahhhh that charming Bedsock - he knows how to treat a girl just right!

Fat Rascal said...

Talking of presents, Even Fatter Rascal got a little parcel today in the post.

It was sent by the Socks and contained a red leather pouchette containing toothpicks!

When we'd had dinner with the Socks EFR had gone on at length about toothpicks, their ready availabilty in restaurants in Italy and the beautifully formed ones at Le Café Anglais!

The Socks obviously retained this and now EFR has his little travel pouchette and will never be intimidated by a steak-frites again.

(He's thrilled and will e-mail you.)

emmat said...


Anonymous said...

Bedsock for Prime Minister!!!!!
He is so obviously the nicest bloke in the world.
And we need more of them.

What do you want Emma?
A nice man, a trophy or a toothpick holder?

Arabella Sock said...

Emma - what do you want one of, a trophy, a Bedsock or a little leather toothpick holder! LOL!

I should say that we all had good old go with the toothpicks at the meal out with the Fat Rascals - but they were obviously well versed in the manners of toothpicking, hiding the activity behind a well placed hand. My usual toothpick mode is to have a good old hoik around and see what spidges out! We saw the toothpick pouch at the shop where the Bedsock got his manbag and couldn't resist sending the Fat Rascals something so totally useless! Ha ha!

The Bedsock is now pleased with himself knowing that female blogwatchers around the country are saying to their other halves "Why don't you do that for me?" LOL!

Arabella Sock said...

HA ha! Anonjan we both posted the same thing at the same time! Snap!

Juliet said...

Ah, isn't that sweet?!

My plastic Oscar pales in comparison ;)

WV is farti, which is slightly worrying.

HappyMouffetard said...

What a very, very nice man.

James A-S said...

On behalf of the (vastly outnumbered) population of male bloggers that's quite enough about the extreme charm and loveliness of the Bedsock.

Ms B said...

Oh! Well I had better eat the cakey-wake that had similar sentiments in icing on the top :(

Arabella Sock said...

OK I'm with the 'Backlash against the Bedsock' now. He should be Prime Minister because he is the most honest person in the country. There is no other person in the whole world who on seeing a vacant space in a multi-storey car park will drive the long way round to get to it following the arrows the right way rather than just nipping in!!!!!
How totally frustating and annoying is that! We always lose the space because someone has nipped into it!

He reads the Tim Dowling column in the Guardian magazine and identifies with him - particularly the bit a few weeks ago where Tim D. said "My wife is still infuriated by reluctance to commit minor crimes".

Ms. B. I hope the cakey was for me and not for the Bedsock! I want a nice cakey with purple icing and my name on it!

Yolanda Elizabet Heuzen said...

Awwwwwwww, that is so cute and frightfully kind of the bedsock. Bedsock for president! I can live with that. He can only be a vast improvement on the one you're having now. ;-)

BTW Garden Monkey why didn't you think of presenting all the award winners with an actual award? :-D