Thursday, 21 May 2009

Chelsea Catastrophe!

The Sock 'did' Chelsea on Tuesday and as this is a posh event she took the opportunity to wear her new skirt and top in soft blues, greys and lilac so she could waft around in a cloud of prettiness. This made it tripley traumatic when calamity struck as the Socks were having lunch.

Totally against her better judgement the Sock had been persuaded to have not just one but TWO sausages with tomato chutney in a bread roll she was to share with the accompanying Bedsock. In a fit of nostalgia for years gone by when people could eat rubbish food without guilt or fear of E numbers, the Sock squeezed a wiggly line of mustard across the sausages! As soon as it came out of the plastic bottle the Sock could see that this was not exactly her favourite Amora Dijon moutarde but some lurid day-glo yellow ooze!

The Sock got first bite at the concoction but as she tried to get her mouth around the roll, the sausage shot out, into the air and showered her and the Bedsock with obnoxiously bright yellow globules filled with the kind of colouring which will never ever come out no matter how many times you wash it!!! The sausage eventually came to rest at the feet of some woman who took the opportunity to say "Ha ha ha, did you know you were covered in mustard!"

The Sock won't tell you what she replied to this person as this is an award winning bloggywog and we need to observe standards of decency.

The Bedsock spent the rest of the day complaining about the smears of mustard he kept finding about his person but he did polish off the rest of the sausage bap. The Sock had somehow lost her appetite.


LittleGreenFingers said...

Arabella - have looked up ways to get rid of stain - but in summary it appears to say, keep trying, keep trying, keep trying, then give up and go to the dry cleaner. Sometimes the Internet can be so disappointing...

Also, meant to say, I picked up my Heucheraholics pen and Julie and Sean were lovely.

Ms B said...

Well, if you can't cut the mustard.............

VP said...

Missed you again even though you made it easier for me to spot you!

I got my Heucheraholics pen and magnet too :D

Congratulations on your award - Like James, I can call you AWB for short now ;)

Arabella Sock said...

THanks LittleGreenFingers.. I washed some of it off the skirt at Chelsea, fighting my way past the toiletting ladies to get to the hand wash water feature. The damp patch dried off quite quickly! LOL! I think I have got it down to a minimum stain now and may just wear the skirt back to front so I don't have to see it.

VP this year I decided to take the Bedsock to see the show with me as when I have been round with the girls before I have been more intent on gossiping and missed the gardens! As it was I spent too much time looking around to see if I had lost him as it was so crowded. We met Ms B and the Fat Rascals later and to be honest that was by far the best bit of the day! I missed quite a few of the gardens because I found having to shove through all the people around them quite unbearable.
Actually I did look at several people's feet to see if I would recognise yours and became convinced that one lady was you and gave her a big grin. She looked slightly alarmed at this point so I thought perhaps not. Were you wearing a lacy white top, jeans and trainers?

I'm glad people visited Heucheraholics - there will be a blog about that later in the week. Tee hee!

Zoƫ said...

Argh! Hope it hasn't ruined the outfit. I had something similar happen last year, when a gobby commuter engrossed in his mobile, threw his coffee all over me, soaking my linen shirt and jeans whilst travelling up on the train to the Show. I didn't get so much as an apology,and ended had to go into Monsoon at Waterloo to buy a new outfit before the Show!

VP said...

That might have been my friend H, who now calls me a garden tart because I kept on talking to lots of people like JAS and Jekka McVicar!

I had a purple top, jeans and trainers and it would appear I narrowly avoided having my trainers photographed again.

I heard that the Fat Rascals had stopped by the Solva Sweetie Shop when I was there.

Martyn Cox said...

That looks like a delicious hot dog. I'll share a hot dog story with you if you promise not to tell my 7 year old son. He's a devout vegetarian, but when I took him to the Race of Champions at Wembley Stadium last year there was no veggie food, just beer and hotdogs. I had no choice but to tell him that the giant-size Frankfurter I bought him was a Quorn hotdog and he wolfed it down, followed swiftly by another. Does this make me a bad dad? I think I know the answer.

Anon said...

I was at Chelsea on Tuesday, too - we could all have been standing next to eachother ...

As we got to Solva Plants they were talking about you! So I joined in and was presented with a pen and fridge magnet which really made my day. (Well, talking to James May was also rather good, but he didn't give me a pen or a fridge magnet). So, thank you Madame Sock, you spread your net wide!

The Heucheraholics were a really nice couple and obviously having a very good time. They suggested that my Mystery Heuchera - which is not flowering yet, it's still thinking about it - could be 'Rave On', and the flowers on that look the same colour, but now I'm home I'm not quite so sure, mine is much bigger and the leaves look a bit different.

Sorry to hear about the mustard disaster. I find those Oxy...Something or other... products are quite good at removing things, if that helps.

emmat said...

This has made me laugh and laugh too. Because I went on Wednesday in a pair of new high heels, sat down on probably the same patch of grass (I know which sausage stand you got yours from, £5.20 for two sausgges, sigh!) and promptly tipped over my bottle of coke onto my new shoes. I was gutted as they are soft bright green leather and I just knew the caramel in coke would be disastrous.

But you know what? I had sprayed them that morning with scotchguard and after the coke dried, they didn't get a mark on them!

I would like to say a big thank you to my mother, who taught me always to scotchguard shoes before wearing them.

Also, next year can we institute some sort of registration system whereby we can all tell each other when we are going. I would love to have met you and the Dizzee Rascals.

Arabella Sock said...

Zoe, that is tragic and the worst thing is the guy didn't apologise! Unbelievable! I may have to start carrying an emergency dress in my bag along with my emergency knickers!

Anon when I called by Heucheraholics they said someone had introduced themselves as Anon! Ha ha ha!

VP - garden tart doesn't have quite the right ring to it, we will have to think of a better name for the art!

Martyn - don't ever let your son know you lied! I can still remember the incredible shattering of life's illusions when I caught my Dad out in a lie for the first time! (After that you just have to get over it!)

Emma every time I buy shoes (which isn't often) I am persuaded by some zealous shop person to buy a can of the spray on protector despite knowing that it will join the 7 other cans of spray on protector I have bought over the years and never used! Luckily my shoes are always so scuffed an awful that a can of coke over them would be an improvement! Really!

Rothschild Orchid said...

Arabella, you have the best bloggywog because you have a wonderful talent for making people laugh out loud (I gave up drinking coffee whilst reading it many moons ago having learnt from bitter experience).

Sorry to hear about the mustard, but what an excellent excuse to go out and buy a new outfit ;-)