Monday, 25 May 2009

Final thoughts on Chelsea

So Chelsea is over for another year and just under a week ago the Sock was vowing she wouldn't go again. Too crowded, too frustrating, too tiring, just too Chelsea really. But already the annoyances are fading and some mental magic is already making memories of the day appear with a warm, soft glow about them. The Sock had the same claustrophic reaction to the Hampton Court show last year but suddenly the idea of a visit this year has begun to seem appealing again.

Notes to self on surviving Chelsea (see also VP's guide)

1) Either stay at a hotel on the preceding night or get and early train up from Brighton and save three hours of frustration in traffic jams.

2) See the show gardens before the crowds invade.

3) Don't tell Simon that you actually rather liked the bog-roll garden!

4) Read up on the description and background to the gardens in advance so you know what the designer hoped to achieve. They make so much more sense that way and will increase the pleasure and interest of viewing them.

5) Give up on the gardens by lunch time and spend the rest of the day idly wandering and gossiping with friends with no pressure to do or see anything.

6) Don't waste so much time trying to get paparazzi photos of celebs with particularly foolish expressions on their faces.

Check the background of the photos you have taken in case it accidentally contains a celebrity.

7) Steer clear of the sausages!!!

Below Sock's favourite small garden by the Chris Beardshaw mentorship team

Bedsock's favourite 'The Ace of Spades'


emmat said...

Ah, the good old trusty Bedsock

Yes, I know what you mean about nostalgia setting in. i have very warm memories of last year's Hampton Court and i spent the last two hours sheltering in a leaky marquee with the aforeenvisioned Cleve West and the lovely Lila das G, sniffing roses during a torrential rainstorm. We were basically trapped, but it became utterly romantic under the circs.

Sausage-wise you are also on my wavelength though they did smell bloody delish

Anonymous said...

Wise words. However, I thought it was the mustard, not the sausage that caused the trouble.

By the way, sorry about committing a terrible social solecism at Chelsea. Arriving at Solva Plants before you was a serious mistake!

My favourite part of the whole show was Jekka's herb garden, I would have liked to pick it all up and bring it home there and then.

Another really good bit was when we saw Nikki Thing clambering into that garden with all the floating glass bowls, she managed to tread on several of the ones on the grass as she teetered her way to the back to do her piece to camera.

VP said...

OMG - I must check all my hundreds of piccies to see who I might have snapped without realising!

HappyMouffetard said...

I quite like the Ace of Spades garden except that it appears to have a Harley in it. With the turning circle of a supertanker, I'd like to see someone try and get the bike into that space without at least a 20 point turn.

Ms B said...

I think patience is a fairly essential ingredient at flower shows Arabella!

Loved lots of Chelsea but missed the 'WOW' factor this year!

I am 'doing' Hampton Court this year as I felt I had missed out on it last year. I have been there in all weathers from heat waves to torrential rain!

Arabella Sock said...

I have always tried to be a bit wary of the delish smell of sausage and fried onions in a bap after trying one of the ones from David van Day's (ex half of Dollar) sausage stand in Brighton's Churchill Square. The product was totally vile and tasteless and bore no relation to the smell of fresh fried onions which had tempted us for years when we passed.

Anonymous why are you still anonymous? I was pleased you had got to Solva Plants first as they said Anon had called by and there was later some discussion as to who Anon might be and whether it was the genuine Anon or another Anon! Actually now you have reminded me about that floating glass bowl garden I do remember it was one I didn't like much at all.

HappyM the Bedsock has been nagging me for years to let him get another bike which he believes would make the commute up to London much easier when he is working there. I have enough to worry about with the cats without worrying about him tearing up the road on a Harley!

Ms B! Are you implying that I am not patient? I am patiently waiting until I get a cakey with my name on it like wot you made for Fat Rascal!

Arabella Sock said...

Ps. I meant to say that the Cleve West lookalike is in three of my pictures - do you think he was stalking me?

Anon said...

I'm not sure why I am still Anonymous, finger trouble, I expect. And I am only Anon because Google seemed to dislike all of the other names I tried - it kept telling me they were impossible when in fact they were me all along.

Anon said...

Well, that worked. I was obviously not paying enough attention earlier.

As to the 'Cleve West' clone - perhaps you should look out of your window. If he is there either call the police or invite him in for a drink ...

HappyMouffetard said...

Arabella, not sure a Harley tears up roads - let him get a nice Triumph.

"The product was totally vile and tasteless" - wasn't sure if you were talking about the sausage or about Dollar.

Fat Rascal said...

It's not over for me yet as I'm still catching up on the hours of telly coverage we recorded.

I'm afraid it hasn't done much for Even Fatter Rascal's horticultural education because he said this morning, coming in from the garden,
"That green thing's looking nice".

Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.