Friday, 8 May 2009

Here come the girls!

Normally when the Sock visits a Garden Show there will inevitably be some gardens that she dislikes - not so at Malvern. Whilst it is quite possible that the Sock didn't actually see all of them she was pretty impressed with those she did, in particular those competing for the Chris Beardshaw mentoring scholarship. This year it was themed around 'Dance' and the gardens also inspired students from the Worcester School of Art and Design to produce some beautiful garments and body art modelled both in the gardens and on a fashion parade hosted by James Alexander-Sinclair. This was heaven for the Sock combining aspects of her favourite TV programmes Project Runway (fashion design), America's Next Top Model (fashion and photography with a little too much girlie screeching) with garden design. More on that in a later blog but for now we have Chris Beardshaw with assorted models (clic on the pic for the bigger picture)

and two lovely gardens from 'Ladies who blog', first Claire Potter's 'Dancing with Trees' entered for the Chris Beardshaw scholarship

It was quite impossible to capture in a photograph the movement and serenity of this garden or the fantastic way, the model wearing the garment inspired by this garden, both integrated into it and enhanced it.

Then Deborah Bird's 'Hort Couture' one of the 'Borders without Gardens' a beautiful, delicate flowing gown of flowers (I've blurred the background to show the dress off to better effect).


Deb @ Beholder's Eye said...

Gosh, your pic is much better than any I've managed to capture yet! Thanks for the mention :)

VP said...

I woz there today with Patient Gardener and Green Tapestry!!!!!!

Deb's garden survived very high winds today - strong enough to lift metal fencing set in concrete blocks and dump them back down again on cars, just a few yards from her garden.

And yes, isn't Deb's garden lovely? So was Claire's.

Did you attend one of the fashion shows compered by JAS and a drag queen? It was absolutely hilarious!!!!

And Malven's a tippity top show - you can tell I've just got back and am fizzing with excitement can't you?

Claire Potter said...

Watcha Ms Sock!
Thank you for your very kind words, but I am very disappointed that you didn't come and say hello! Please make sure that you do next time, and if JAS is there, he will definately supply you with hugs. I think I got around 6 or so, which is not bad going?

Arabella Sock said...

Claire, you are torturing me! Six hugs!!!!

I did wander past your garden several times in the day to see if you were around but missed you every time - I think everyone was very busy with the CB mentorship and the fashion shows on the Thursday.