Wednesday, 13 May 2009


Look what the Sock got!!!!

It is a pen from the eponymous 'Heucheraholics' (previously Solva Plants) and it says on it 'Heucheraholics for the hopelessly addicted!' Bet you are all really jealous now!

The Sock couldn't resist visiting the gorgeous 'Heucheraholics' stand at Malvern but had instructed herself not to buy any more heucheras for her already burgeoning collection.

Obviously she bought another one, the irresistible 'Sugar Frosting' because let's face it you can't have too many. The Sock mentioned to the nice lady on the stand that she had to buy one to blog about. "Oh, what blog is that" asked the lady. The Sock realising her identity might be discovered quickly blurted "I can't tell you it's a bit scurrilous". "Not the Gravy one?" Too late - the Sock's cover was blown.

It turned that the lovely 'Heucheraholics' people were Sea of Immeasurable Gravy fans, finding the bloggywog after the Sock mentioned their stand at the RHS Inner Temple flower show last year. How funny is that! You must all buy lots of lovely plants from them. They will be at Chelsea next week and giving away fridge magnets - go and demand one and tell them the Sock sent you.

And to finish my eulogy to heucheras here is a 'pome' the Sock wrote a few years ago on getting home from a fruitless heuchera search, proving that the addiction has been going some time.

The Heucheras

(with apologies to William Wordsworth's 'The Daffodils')

I wandered lonely as a cloud
In search of heuchera 'Pewter Veil'
Or 'Can Can', 'Geisha' - names that wowed
Please let my favourites be for sale
A 'Strawberry Candy, 'Vanilla Spice'
Or 'Purple Petticoats' sounds quite nice

I dream of heucheras in line
Of 'Silver Shadows' 'Starry Night'
A 'Frosted Violet' would be fine
A 'Peach Flambé' would be all right
There's nothing from my list of faves
Just one sad pot of 'Amber Waves'!

And oft when on my couch I lie
In vacant or in pensive mood
I think of heucheras and sigh
Those lovely plants with names of food
And then my heart with pleasure fills
(I want the one with Chocolate frills!)

We don't get nearly enough bad poetry on the gardening blogosphere these days and the Sock blames J-AS for proclaiming his dislike of it. But what does he know? Hmmm.. that is possibly like asking what the Romans did for us.........


Martyn Cox said...

Well I might beat you in the aeonium stakes, but it sounds like you thrash me in heucheras. I've only got one, Heuchera 'Key Lime Pie', but it does look rather marvellous above some clumps of Ophiopogon nigrescens.

emmat said...

I can't believe you got that pen! That's the best thing ever! and the most appropriate gift for you. And ha! they can't get one of them in France!

I will be queuing for the fridge magnets forthwith from 7am Monday. Expect to find M 'gay4heucheras' Wilson in the queue with me

Arabella Sock said...

Oops, just found an extraneous apostrophe in my blog but managed to get rid of it before Fat Rascal saw it!! Phew.

I had forgotten about all the Monday Chelsea-goers grabbing the goodies before the rest of us. I hope you are going to publish some M.Wilson photos on your blog and could you find out how tall he is please.

Martyn I asked about the aeonium 'sunburst' at Malvern but nobody had it. This is now a race!

The Black Fingernail said...

They introduced Bellbind, Bindweed and Ground Elder that's what the Romans did!

How do I know? Calystegia sepium, Convolvulus arvensis and Aegopodium podagraria - See they've all got Latin names!

Bloody Romans!!! Long live the Peoples Popular Front of Greenhectares!

HappyMouffetard said...

That's brilliant! (although it does now mean I won't be able to post the same photo, which I was going to dedicate to you and VP). Great poem - deseves an award of some kind.

Ms B said...

Hmmmm, that pome brought tears to my eyes! I will now be devastated if I don't get a fridge magnet although nowhere near as ace as the pen. The shame is that vine weevils are such huge heuch fans too :(

LittleGreenFingers said...

Sod the fridge magnet - I want a pen! I shall adopt the 3-year-olds negotiation technique and bawl loudly at their stand in the hope they will give me one just to go away.

Love the poem, but am disappointed it made no mention of 'Obsidian' - my own personal favourite. It doesn't even merit a 'WOW' or 'a little gem' comment on the Heucheraholics website. My feelings are hurt on its behalf.

Arabella Sock said...

Joke for the BFN..

Teacher: Where is Hadrian's wall?

Pupil: Around Hadrian's garden..


HappyM.. sorry I stole a march on your heuchera pic. It does make up a little for me being extremely jealous that you bagged the best J-AS (with chicken) shot!

Ms B... the nostalgia of old times eh? I know what you mean about the weevils.

Littlegreenfingers I love 'Obsidian' too and have a glossy, bushy one in my garden. I'm sure they wll have pens too because mine also has Chelsea Flower Show 2009 written on it!

VP said...

Wahhhhhhh I want a pen!!!!!!

Helen marched me past the Heucheraholics stand on Friday with the words 'You don't need any more Heucheras, it's Echinacea and Thalictrum you want right now'. Boo :(

There'd better be some left at Chelsea after Emma and MW's visit I can tell you.

Am marking my Chelsea catalogue with a big X marks the spot right now. Guess where I'm heading first on Tuesday!

Pork Chop said...

Harrumph! I bought three heucheras from their stand and I didn't get a pen. [stompsoffinfitofpiquesmiley]

I like the poem btw.

Arabella Sock said...

Poor Pork Chop - that is sad. It has made me feel doubly pleased with mine though. Perhaps they only give them to people who are 100% cashmere! LOL!

Anon said...

Now I know I won't sleep till I have a fridge magnet safely in my pocket. I hope there isn't a secret handshake as well as the passwords.

Do you think, if I take a leaf and a flower they might be able to identify an unnamed heuchera I inherited?

Arabella Sock said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Arabella Sock said...

I think they would have a good try at identifying it although a lot of them are very similar!

Is there anywhere you can post a pic of it then we can all have a guess?

VP said...

Dan Heims' book is a good start re Heuchera ID's, though it doesn't have the very recent ones

BTW have you listened to GQT? There's a Chris Beardshaw moment you've just got to hear about 30 minutes in. Trust a small village near Chippenham to come up with this kind of snippet!

Anon said...

>>Is there anywhere you can post a pic of it then we can all have a guess?<<

Oh, good, a quiz!

I'll do that once the flowers come out, which should be soon. They are a very distinctive bright pink, which is what sets them apart.

Arabella Sock said...

Anon you will have to tell us where/when you have posted the picture - wot with you being anon and everything!

VP - Chris Beardshaw naked in a rubber suit!!!!!!!!!!! Not sure I can handle it at this time in the morning!

VP said...

And what about the fishnet tights??????!!!!!!!

WV says cater - which means it's time for breccie...

VP said...

Arabella - perhaps you could offer your pen as the prize for the quiz!?

I like a good quiz me.

Anon said...

I'll tell you where it is when I take the photo and upload - probably the Beeb or the Potting Shed. I opened a photobucket account a while ago, but have never used it. How embarrassing.

Fat Rascal said...

Arabella, if you're spotting your own errant apostrophes then my work is done.

I will be able to hunter gather my own fridge magnet. I haven't got a naked fridge door to stick it on though.

I have already got a Heuchera "tiramisu" though. I saw in The Garden that they will be available in GCs in the UK soon so I can feel smug until someone tells me they've got one too.