Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Make a little duck house in your soul

People have been wondering what happened to fellow animal lover Peter Vigger's floating £1500 Duck House. The Sock got it for a fiver on ebay and is hoping that the cats will turn out to be rather less fussy about it than the ducks were.

Nothing is too good for the puss-babies but the Sock knows she has broken their hearts by destroying the shed that they loved to sit on top of hidden by the mass of overgrown wisteria and jasmine. The shed is being replaced by the new greenhouse arriving in June and the Sock is thinking about putting a nice cushioned rocking chair in there for them. In the meantime the Bedsock has built them a cat platform at the apex of the trellis. They were both told that under no circumstances were they allowed to go on it which meant there was a fight for which cat would sleep on it first.

Cats are contrary creatures - the Socks' previous cat Binky used to sleep hidden in the middle of the raised scented bed. Planting up the bed for the following year the Sock left a cat-sized space in the middle for him. He immediately transferred to the herb bed moulding his own Binky shaped space in the crushed herbs.

The Socks were also busy on the DIY front over the weekend making their own willow obelisk. After seeing the ease with which Toby made one on the GW 35 minute task slot she had assumed that any idiot could construct one and bought a kit from the Malvern show. The instructions said "soak the weaving rods in water (pond, stream, bath etc.). This proved difficult as the Sock doesn't have a pond, stream or bath and didn't fancy sharing a shower with them for a week.

The Sock had a mental image of working in happy harmony with the Bedsock weaving the willow wands together but had forgotten that the Bedsock has a totally different approach to problem-solving to her. This is to immediately think of 100 ways it can't be done and then work out the best way to actually do it - whereas the Sock just gets on and ...er... does it. So the Sock's brain exploded with frustration as the Bedsock stood around thinking things through whilst she was itching to get weaving. The Sock was then forced to undo the bits she had "done wrong".

The result is extremely rustic although the mange-tout will no doubt be happy enough to climb up it.

The Socks intend to construct the new Gabriel Ash greenhouse themselves. The man on their stand at Chelsea assured us that it was idiot proof! Watch this space!


easygardener said...

My cats love walking around on the roof of my greenhouse. Jumping down or across onto the glass roof is also popular. Very unnerving when I'm inside.
I'm sure your cats are much better behaved!

Rob said...

I think the obelisk looks pro. Toby would be proud.

I wonder if it's just me that likes pronouncing mange-tout in different ways....?

Yolanda Elizabet Heuzen said...

Idiot proof! He probably meant any idiot within reason. ;-) I will be watching this space to see how my favourite pair of socks are getting along with building their own shed. It will be a hoot, I'm sure.

Well done with the obelisk, but tell me how long did it take you to make it? Surely more than the 35 minutes Toby used. ;-)

Of course cats will sleep where ever they want. There is many a catshaped gap in my flower beds. ;-)

HappyMouffetard said...

I have cat-flattened Stipa at the moment. I'm afraid our cats can only dream of having specially constructed platforms for their amusement. Binky is a great name.

'Rustic' is an excellent word which I have used over the years to describe a lot of things I have constructed. Your obelisk, on the other hand, is rather elegant.

Arabella Sock said...

Oh dear, Easygardener, I didn't realise cats did glass roofs! My cats are not really very well behaved at all I'm afraid. I heard one of the neighbours screaming "Get out, get out" and a stream of curses and then Luka turned up looking sheepish so I guess he had been in the kitchen eating their Sunday lunch. I spent the rest of the day waiting for the doorbell to ring and irate neighbour demand compensation for a ruined roast. The cats are very adept at spotting stuff defrosting and I have more than once chased one of them round the garden with a bag of semi-frozen prawns or whatever clenched in their jaws.

Rob - it isn't just you, mange is a silly sounding word when you think about it.

The obelisk took ages to make and had to be soaked in the water butt for 6 days in advance being turned every day to ensure it all got a soaking. 35 minute task my arse!

HappyM I'm afraid the closer you get to the obelisk the more rustic it looks. I could have bought a ready made one at Malvern cheaper but it wouldn't have been the same!

VP said...

In view of the time taken for your 35 minute task, I take it you won't be having a go at making your own chair like they had at Malvern? ;)

A very good obelisk - I'm sure the mange-tout (no matter how they're pronounced) will love it.

Did you know AT also has a duck house like that one? I went on at length about it on the back page of GW magazine a few months ago.

VP said...

Oops, that last paragraph should say he went on great length, not I!

WV says inklessi, which I think means I should be posting shorter comments from now on - less room for error that way!

emmat said...

Ha ha ha ha the description of the different styles of obelisk-making have made me weep with laughter..

LittleGreenFingers said...

Thank you Arabella. I was feeling a little guilty having just bought some willow obelisks from the local garden centre. However, as this was a 5 minute task with a cup of tea and cake thrown in for good measure, I'm beginning to feel it was the safer option...