Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Hey kids, plug into the faithless - Maybe they're blinded but Bennie makes them ageless

The Socks visited the Vatican but Pope Bennie was off on his jollies so he never got a hug. We did see Candy and Ronnie though (above)

The Basilica of St. Peter's was quite astounding but the Sock doesn't care for all that over-elaborate religious stuff- it always feels a bit depressing like some ancient Victorian aunt's overly ornate dark and dismal parlour. As for the Sistine Chapel - well OK it was 'good' and the paintings were rather more uplifting than the ones with saints being martyred in various ways but the Sock got a crick in her neck after 30 seconds and couldn't help feeling that 'less' would have been 'more'.

The outdoor space was quite nice though and the Pope has a rather attractive garden sculpture (below).

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