Monday, 29 June 2009

People with Glasshouses - I

The Bedsock arrived home on Friday night and took one look at the greenhouse (see blog below) and said "We'll have to get in a man!".

The Sock can see his point of view - it is rather more deconstructed than expected and the Bedsock works away from him all week so we only get weekends together and some of those in the near future are already taken up with other business. It took almost the entire weekend to remove the decaying shed to make way for the greenhouse and we will need to erect some new trellis against the back wall and also lay a course of bricks to stand the greenhouse on as the existing concrete plinth isn't exactly level.

Nevertheless the Sock would really like to give it a go ourselves and the greenhouse suppliers said that even an idiot could do it. Yes... the Sock thought that too. It is true to say though that the majority of work and lifting will end up with the Bedsock but it would be a real achievement to construct it and the Sock doesn't mind (too much) if it takes all summer to complete.

So the Sock has decided to put it to a poll and there is one to the right of this post. Vote Sock if you think we can do it ourselves and Bedsock if you think we should get in a "man".


Karen - An Artist's Garden said...

:) !!!

Yet Another Name said...

I'm so glad you are back in one piece, though slightly worried that the Big P left the country as soon as he knew you might hug him. He has obviously heard of your power and influence.

I have voted for the Bedsock's man - we always say we'll get a man in, but never have, thus I'm hoping to do it by proxy, so to speak, to avoid all the broken nails, tempers etc etc.

Rothschild Orchid said...

I think officially “having a man in” can also be classed as “doing it yourselves” provided that the Sock is there to supervise and offer helpful comments throughout the erection ;o)

This way you can be a part of the process and avoid distress and stressful confrontations with the Bedsock if things do not go entirely to plan.

Our greenhouse is not due to arrive for another five weeks, but we already have “the man” booked! Admittedly he is a friend of the family who used to work with commercial greenhouses, but I wouldn't even attempt to put it up myself due to my monumental clumsiness. So I'm voting for the Bedsock, pour yourselves another couple of glasses of that Cardinali, enjoy the sun and let someone other bugger have the stress of putting it up!

Arabella Sock said...

Thank you Karen for being on my side! I know it was you.

Y.A.N., Pope's loss not mine! LOL!

Rothschild Orchid I KNOW you are right and that the Bedsock and I couldn't even construct the willow obelisk in harmony but I STILL want to do the greenhouse ourselves. I hate having "men" in because you have to talk to them and make tea and provide biscuits and stuff and laugh at their jokes you can't just go and have a doze or play on your blog when you want.

There is another spin-off from this greenhouse stuff... I have never liked the raised bed that runs in front of it which at present has a weeping cherry (not very well shaped or exciting except for a couple of weeks in Spring) and a sambucus nigra in it which is a lovely shrub but just too big for that position. So I am thinking I will just be radical and take the whole lot out and start again. Maybe a forest pansy - I've always wanted one. More work though.

VP said...

Hmm - this is tricky. NAH and I have been discussing this very problem recently. We GAMI last year to squirrel proof the loft and they broke my Acer - you may recall I was quite upset. They were also going to paint the front gable after replacing the woodwork there. We're still waiting and guess what - our registered letter threatening court action has come back from Royal Mail as a unsigned for item. So I'd like to GAMI (a = another in this instance) so the job gets done. NAH wants to buy a state of the art ladder so he can Do It Himself. Guess what - there's no sign of that ladder and he's b*ggered off for 2 weeks!

Looking at your garden there's scope for GAMI to break more than just an Acer!

BTW I love your garden design, but I can understand why you're fed up with it - do you think it needs something added for height and thus give you that 'sense of mystery' you're after?

Arabella Sock said...

I do remember your sad acer story. Even the guy who delivered the greenhouse was stacking it so some bits were knocking the plants in my borders. It was unnecessary as there was plenty of space but I just don't think a lot of people feel that flowers/plants matter at all.

Yes, the garden does need height somewhere but the design has made it difficult. Any small tree would have to be planted so that it grew entirely within my garden which doesn't give a lot of options. At some stage I think I'll post a blog about the anatomy of my garden and what I like and don't - it might help me clarify what I want to do.. Greenhouse first though..

Martyn Cox said...

I would vote Sock. Even though the door doesn't fit properly and some panes of glass look like they might fall out in a strong wind, I'm extremely proud of the greenhouse I put up myself. It will give you a great sense of achievment when finished.

HappyMouffetard said...

If the Sock wants to DIY, then I'm sure that is what will happen ;-)

Fat Rascal said...

Sorry to be difficult but I need a third category.

Get a man in to level the concrete and do the brick footings (been talking to a builder)and leave the er, erection to the Bedsock.

Victoria said...

I was going to get a man in to take away our trampoline, but was quoted £300 for the job. In the end, my son and I dismantled it. It took about half an hour and, OK, it's still sitting in the garage, but it was much easier than I thought it would be, once we got going. So I vote Sock!

Anonymous said...

do i remember that Saint Bedsock has recently chased a rat out of your crisps?
I would spare him the greenhouse and get another man in.
That way you are the perfect wife, being lovely to him.
He will owe you for ever.
Just do coffee and tell them to bring their own biscuits.
Then when you surprise them with chunky KitKats they will be yours for ever.
Worked for me!

easygardener said...

I vote Sock - think of it as a giant 3D puzzle. Follow the instructions. What could possibly go wrong!

Rothschild Orchid said...

Perhaps you should have a greenhouse assembly party?

(my word verification was flussel, I was just thinking I rather liked the word until I googled it :o( )

Pork Chop said...

My greenhouse is glazed with polycarbonate rather than glass and I did erect it myself. It came completely disassembled in 2 cardboard boxes, one containing the struts, nuts, bolts, pvc edgings etc., and the other containing the polycarb panels. It did take me about 3 days but this was 10 years ago and it's still standing.

I agree with Fat Rascal, get someone in to do the brickwork then erect the house yourselves. It gives a great sense of satisfaction.

Arabella Sock said...


I just cut a piece of plastic the same size as the greenhouse so I could lay it out on the concrete plinth (now it is cleared of the shed) and see exactly how it will fit. Eek! Now I can see how far the plinth extends it isn't quite wide enough and a strip of concrete about 6" wide will have to be added at the back. And because of a bulge in the crumbling back wall we will not be able to access behind the greenhouse unless we knock part of the wall down which is something I was considering anyway but is yet another time consuming job. Luckily it will fit - we obviously did messure up when we decided on the greenhouse but that was so long ago we had forgotten the details. So plans askew already!

Juliet said...

WV is fools, but I'm not sure whether it applies to the pro-Socks or the pro-Bedsocks.

I think in view of the amount of effort involved AND the amount of damage a "man" might do to your lovely garden, I'd go for the greenhouse-erection party and invite a couple of friends (who care about plants) to help you, in return for a nice dinner and bottle of something.

Then you will feel you've achieved something yourself without having had to do it ALL yourself.

PS But if you need to google for information about assembling greenhouses,do be careful what you type

Yolanda Elizabet Heuzen said...

GAMI?!!? Has the bedsock gone totally insane? You didn't hit him too hard on his head, did you Arabella, when you tried to wake him during rat fest?

A world of NO to GAMI, opt for GAWI instead! Better still make it 2 women, one to do the erecting of the greenhouse, the other for making coffee, tea and such and for cleaning up afterwards. Chances are that they will be much more gentle than the average bloke with your plants too.

Having 2 women in will leave you lots of time to do what you do best: swanning about, quaffing bubbly and cuddling the kittycats.

So there, problem solved!