Wednesday, 3 June 2009


The Socks are off on hols tomorrow - first Rome and then Puglia. The Bedsock has already planned a route around Rome taking in all the markets and temples to gastronomy and the Sock has planned a day out to the Tivoli gardens. This means there will be very little time to go and give the Pope a huggywug but he will be in good company as JAS never got one either.

The week in Puglia consists of a trullo with pool and outdoor kitchen (as well as indoor one). The Bedsock will amuse himself with the pizza oven and already has plans to oven roast more tomatoes than you can shake a stick at. The Sock will float in the pool and read all the books the blog has distracted her from this year.

Auntie Debbie will come and look after the puss babies again.

You must all behave yourselves whilst the Sock is away.

Arabella xxxx


Dishwasher Crab said...

Oh Arabella! You really do have a marvellous collection of hats, and I must say you are looking particularly jaunty in this one.

Have a lovely holiday!!

Yet Another Name said...

Arrividerci, Calzini! Have a wonderful holiday.

I have news from the Heucheraholics, who send love and say they were crying with laughter at Fat Rascal's story of introducing herself at PlantaGogo. They are off to Gardeners World next.

Arabella Sock said...

It is a great hat isn't it, Dishwasher Crab. If you look carefully you can see our great leader Beardshawrius Caesar embossed on it.

Yet another name, Yet Another name!

I am going to miss Gardener World - not that I was going to go but the TV coverage was quite funny last year with Joe and his allotment. Should I tape it all I wonder? Nope!

Yet Another Name said...

Yes, well I looked a bit like other people wearing Anon, so, not wishing to upset anyone, I tried changing it again.

I hadn't noticed the subtle embossing on the helmet. How nice to see that he will be watching over us while you are away.

Victoria said...

Have a great holiday, though I'll miss the entertainment.

Dishwasher Crab said...

CB gets about doesn't he? Snuggled against your check is probably where he would most like to be.

Fat Rascal said...

Good idea to have the CB emblem or the Romans would think you were a left behind ManU supporter just emerging from a hangover.

Wishing Jools and Sean
a successful time at GW Live, at least fellow bloggers know to look out for Solva now!

Anonymous said...

here she goes again
self, self, self!
What if the Pope needs a hug?
And what about our entertainment?

Juliet said...

Have a lovely holiday, Arabella - I hope you have left Auntie Debbie strict instructions about which TV programmes the cats are allowed to watch - otherwise you could get back to find they are hooked on Eastenders or tennis or something, and that would never do.

WV is hydra - why couldn't you be going to Greece? - then I might be able to think of something appropriate to say about it.

emmat said...

Can't you let Auntie Debbie look after the bloggywog too? We will be lost otherwise.

I am going to call JAS 'your holiness' from now on