Friday, 26 June 2009

Sundried tomatoes Sock Style

First buy a selection of delicious tomatoes from an Italian market making sure that you include the greenish ugly misshapen tomatoes that taste the best. Then go to your outdoor kitchen and halve the tomatoes and scoop out the seeds and watery bits. Brush the tomatoes with some local olive oil - a raunchy little number packed with the punch of pepper, grass and apple. Sprinkle a little sea salt and grind some pepper over them.

Cover the tomatoes to avoid ants and flies crawling over them. The Sock devised a clever little cover using the net from her Aussie hat (which repelled the little black flies so prevalent in the bush) supported by a beaker to let the air circulate.

Did the Sock ever show you her hat? It is the best hattiewat ever and when she wore it in Italy a lot of people stared at her with their hearts full of jealousy!

Leave the tomatoes to sunbathe by the pool all day.

Whilst you are waiting for them to dry you can take a few photos of butterflies,

lie in the hammock and read a book, drink a negroni* or two, doze with a soft breeze gently teasing your warm skin, try and get out of the hammock which is not that easy when you have creaky knees and makes you look totally inelegant.

By evening the tomatoes will be ready. A symphony of flavour - each variety of tomato different but the best are the ugly greenish ones which are just slightly chewy and dried to the essence of tomato. Heaven.

Repeat process next day. Alternatively get in a cook for the night and Francesca will show you how to make the local pasta speciality orecchiette (meaning little ears) an art that Francesca makes look simple but will soon be a lost art as the young Italians turn more and more to packed pasta.

*negroni - a happy mix of gin, martini rosso and campari, alternatively negroni sbagliati with prosecco rather than gin.


Rothschild Orchid said...

I could really do with a glass of that negroni!

Now I'm going to try resist making any comparrisons with your lovely hattiewattie to a certain movie called Crocodile Dundee and swiftly move on to telling you that they are absolutely gorgeous butterfly pictures, I'm seriously jealous!

Victoria said...

Stop it, stop it, I am so envious. It sounds like such a lovely holiday. I love the hattiewat too. I tried tying a net curtain over mine in emulation. Lots of people stared, but I don't think they were jealous...

Arabella Sock said...

I'm sure you looked totally elegant and mysterious in your net curtain hat, Victoria. The Bedsock also has an Aussie leather hat but his folds up and is rainproof. When we bought it the Bedsock was worried about it getting stained but the guy in the shop said that the "daggier" the hat got the better it was!

I've just had to have a glass of Cardinali which is like Negroni but with dry vermouth instead of martini rosso. We have just started deconstructing the shed and it was infested with spidery things one of which tried to attack me. The Bedsock has now sprayed the entire shed with Doom Doom Doom in the hope that it will either kill or encourage the critters to clear off overnight before it goes in his car to the dump. I will spend the whole week worrying that a spider will hide in his car and jump out on him whilst he is driving on the motorway with disastrous consequences!

I took at least 50 photos (joy of digital cameras) of the butterflies. The swallowtails seemed to like the lantana bushes whereas some other butterflies clearly preferred the lavender. It was fascinating watching them

Yolanda Elizabet Heuzen said...

Crumbs, or rather dried tomatoes, how you blog on. I need a glass of negroni (make mine with bubbly please) to read all your riveting tales.

And you are right of course, that is the very best hat. Can you hear that? James is eating his hat out, poor man. ;-)

My WV is bilshape, so how big a shape was your bill for that gorgeous holiday? ;-)