Monday, 1 June 2009

Tick tock, tick tock

Time is flying. How did we end up in June so quickly when it was only just March the other day.

The Sock is panicking so the only thing to do is make a list and today's list is gardens/events that really must be visited this summer if there is any time left after the (no doubt) weeks it will take to erect the greenhouse.

First up Kew Gardens. The Sock has been there before but not since the Chihuly exhibition and has not been on the new tree-top walk. Plus it's Kew's 250th birthday celebration with lots of behind the scenes tours. Better still Ms. B. spends so much time at Kew that people think she lives there and if the Sock arranges a meet-up Ms B. will be sure to bring her a special cakey with her name in purple icing on it. Maybe more than one visit to Kew is beckoning.

Next, the Sock really must do Great Dixter again but that will have to be weighed up against Sissinghurst as there may not be enough time to do both and the Sock does want to report on the food situation there. Decisions.. decisions.

Future Gardens... an absolute must! The Sock was invited to the press day for this but can't go as the Socks are off to Italy for their hols that day. The Sock was so disappointed that the Bedsock said we could always postpone our flight but when he saw some of the restaurants in Rome that Emma T has recommended for us he quickly shelved that idea.

RHS Hampton Court Flower Show.. to go or not to go, that is the question. The Sock went to this last year and was going to skip it this year after getting the flower show fix at Malvern and Chelsea but may start to feel she is missing out..

The Sock also just noticed a list of shows on her favourite Heucheraholics site - if any of you are at these shows drop in and say hello to Jooles and Sean at their stand, they are lovely people and that way you will have joined Ssh! (Secret Society of Heucheraholics except it isn't that secret any more).

The picture is of the Sock's front gravel garden. It was created years ago before everyone started doing grasses and gravel - the Sock was ahead of her time.


emmat said...

ha ha ha! you are right, we DO have the same house!

Anonymous said...

I find it strange that you haven't bumped into each other on the landing by now.
How long have you been living together?
Sock - your Bedsock remains an icon in this house, but I did have trouble explaining the name and stuff to my less than perfect husband.
It's whole new take on What did the Romans ever do for us? at the moment, all over the world I expect
'Why can't you be more like the Sainted Bedsock?' is the cry
ps although not grand - I love Barnsdale

Claire Potter said...

Hmmm. I think that future Gardens will be a definite visit for us this summer - possibly twice - once at the beginning and once at the end - it will be very interesting to see how the gardens develop over the open period.
Sissinghurst and Great Dixter can be done in a day if you get to Sissinghurst at the crack of dawn before the coach parties - oh - and if you haven't before, try and get to GD on a house open day - a beautiful medieval hall and interesting bits and bobs.
Oh - and I can recommend the Kentish hop cake from the Sissinghurst cafe - you can build a house with it (it is really that dense), but tasty all the same!
Have fun with your decisions...

Arabella Sock said...

Thanks Claire - suddenly Sissinghurst has moved up the list with the lure of Kentish Hop cake!