Saturday, 4 July 2009

A Can of Worms

It has been some time since the Sock reported on the maggotry and she wasn't happy then. Things got worse and very nearly ended in divorce! This is a salutary lesson to all those who think being 'green' is easy!

The weather started warming up in March and with the gardening season starting up the Sock needed to get in the shed. The overwintering wormery was still in the way so the Sock eased it out of the shed (it is very heavy) and opened it up! It was positively writhing with even more maggots than ever. Worse was to follow - when the Sock started moving stuff in the shed there were escapees in other places too. Vom!!!! Thin gloves were donned, all visible maggots were scooped out (double Vom!) and a layer of newspaper was tucked over the top of the decaying compost to deter more flies from laying eggs. The Sock was pleased with herself for having shown such courage in looking after the Bedsock's wormery - but no way was it going back in the shed.

As you may remember the Bedsock is working with a client in Devon and currently lives away from home during the week, returning at weekends. When he emerged on the Saturday morning he took one look through the window and turned to the Sock saying "I am not happy that you have moved the wormery out of the shed!". Making the classic mistake of answering a criticism with a criticism (instead of calming the situation and then getting her own back later) the Sock replied "WELL I'M NOT HAPPY THAT THE WORMERY WAS AGAIN FULL OF MAGGOTS THAT I'VE HAD TO DEAL WITH SOME OF WHICH HAVE ESCAPED INTO THE SHED!". Impasse and general sulking which continued the rest of the day.

Of course the argument wasn't really to do with the maggotry at all. The Bedsock felt that the Sock treated him like a lodger and no longer consulted on household decisions (a bit true) and this had been symbolised by the Sock taking control of the maggotry which was his project. The Sock felt unappreciated, unloved and generally taken for granted (only the middle bit is totally untrue). None of this is really anyone's fault it is just a by-product of a life that has the Socks living apart most of the time when they would rather be together.

By Sunday afternoon everyone is feeling a bit guilty and eager to please without actually having apologised for anything. One of the things that needs discussing is the possible purchase of the greenhouse and whether this is viable. "Let's forget the greenhouse" says the Sock, "it is too expensive, too impractical and there won't be anywhere for the maggotry to go." The Bedsock immediately thought of every reason why they should have the greenhouse and insisted that she order one immediately. He even offered to get rid of the maggotry altogether. Feeling the love in the room the Sock foolishly said that the Bedsock's maggotry must stay and that a home would be found for it over the winter (but NOT in the greenhouse) and that she would leave it under his care in future. The one thing the Sock is allowed to do is feed it and as the waste vegetables need to be cut up into little pieces before being chucked in, this requires more effort than feeding the cats who don't even wait for their sachets of food to be mashed up before gollopping it down.

The Sock just looked in the wormery to see how the flies and maggots were doing. Surprisingly there were fewer flies than the last time she opened it when a cloud of tiny ones rose up into her face - but there is a rather big narsty looking spider in there!!! Ha ha ha! The Bedsock hates spiders with a vengeance but clearly the Sock is not allowed to dispose of it - that is his job!

The picture is of a bit of the garden border that the Sock quite likes at the moment.


jro said...

I really like your sedum/sempervivum bowl - any chance of a close-up? I'm sure I have seen a picture of it before, and I would like to do something similar.

That is a pretty corner, and you have just the same sort of row that I have with my OH!

Rothschild Orchid said...

I was thinking the same thing, the bowls with succulents in are wonderful, I love the idea of them dotted all around the place.

I have to confess that after fancying yours I picked up a couple of sempervivum's on a stall at an open garden at the weekend. So I will have to have a go at making one now :o)

The border is looking fab too, love the dark coloured shrub, is it a Weigela?

Arabella Sock said...

Hi Jro and R. Orchid

this is a picture of the sempervivum bowl close up

clic for the pic

It is currently slightly swamped by raoulia which is a silver tiny spreading plant that I love but which doesn't like winter damp.
I have got various bowls of sempervivums, jovibarbas and various other succulents around. I usually stick a few interesting shaped stones on top of the pot which they can squeeze themselves in and around.

The shrub in the border is weigela it is an interesting purpley bronze leaf in summer and pretty pink flowers in spring. The mushroom shaped box(?) in the middle we inherited and it is getting a bit big but does provide some height and structure to that bit of the garden so I am loathe to get rid of it.

jro said...

Thank you! :-) It really is very pretty.

Rothschild Orchid said...

Thanks for the picture Arabella, I love that bowl.

In fact it's all your fault! I've just got back from Hampton Court with a basket full of sempervivums. You've inspired me to have a go at making my own :o)

Raffi said...

Perhaps some more dry matter in the compost would help keep down the maggots?