Wednesday, 29 July 2009

For Your Eyes Only

It's everyone's favourite blogger James Alexander-Sinclair's birthday today* (in case any of you have missed the many hints he has dropped on his blog for the last few months).

Here is a little video just for James. Speakers on..

NB: Today is Thursday 30th July - can't seem to get the blog date to change


Ms B said...

Oh dear, YOU are the best. It brought a tear to my eye, well, the picture of you in something skimpy did!

I am waiting in eager anticipation for my birthday!!

HappyMouffetard said...

That, Arabella, is the pinnacle of achievement of the internet. The ne plus ultra. Absolutely fantastic (in all its meanings, just to keep Mr Colborn happy in his rant about misuse of words).

Just a question - if you were to rise from the sea a la Ursula Andress, would you have shrunk or would the cashmere go a bit baggy?

YAN said...

Oh, Arabella,I think you are well in the running for an Oscar next time round!

Happy Birthday, James.

PS I think Cashmere behaves appropriately even when wet.

PPS Is Michael Palin related to James? The first picture looked a bit ...

Dishwasher Crab said...

Oh Arabella, you are a glamourous little minx aren't you?! You may well be the birthday present James has ever received.

Happy birthday James!

James A-S said...

Dear Marje
I have, for a long time, been very slightly in love with a Sock. That same sock has now excelled herself by making such a blush-making present for my birthday that I am now completely smitten.
I realise that society may frown on my having such feelings for a piece of knitwear but they will never understand.
Help me please, Marje. I don't know what to do.
Troubled of Towcester
PS She is at least Cashmere. I presume high quality rather than stuff off a market stall for a tenner.

Arabella Sock said...

Cashmere rises soaked from the sea like Aphrodite on the half-shell and need only be laid flat, stroked into shape and gently dried to avoid shrinking.

Dear Troubled of Towcester

It is not surprising you are smitten with the adorable Arabella the most succulent of Socks. However cashmere needs a lot of love and care to keep it soft and cuddlesome. When not stroked into shape the Sock can go a bit baggy over the years! Nevertheless she has still done better than some cheapo stuff off a market stall!!!!.

YAN, yes he does look a bit Palin-like in that picture but then Michael Palin is gorgeous too.

Fat Rascal said...

A very poor second best birthday hug from me too, our very own James Bondage!

(Sorry about the crumbs stuck on the dj, they will sponge off with a damp sock)

LittleGreenFingers said...

Arabella - you have just taken blogging, and indeed podiatric knitwear, to a whole new level.

janerowena said...

That was definitely a fall-off-the-chair moment!

What a wonderful birthday card.

Happy Birthday, James