Thursday, 23 July 2009


The Socks are staying in Plymouth for a few days and today visited The Garden House at Buckland Monachorum. It was bucketing down as you might expect but that is not what the Sock is humphing about.

The Sock is humphing because one of the gardeners told her that there was a big do on at The Garden House tonight and all the great and the good from the gardening world were going to be there. She reeled off a list that included Helen Yemm and a load of media people (although actually the Sock has to say she didn't have a clue who the rest of them were). The Sock very nearly said "Well I'm Arabella Sock from The Sea of Immeasurable Gravy which holds an award for Best Bloggywog Ever - where's my invite?!"

Actually the Sock isn't in sociable party mood but as she won't be able to post her photos on the bloggywog until next week she is worried that by that time The Garden House will be 'old news'.


Karen - An Artists Garden said...

Post away Arabella - it is "The Sea of Immeasurable Gravy - the best bloggywog ever" that I go to for my news - so it wont be old for me.

Ms B said...

Oh Arabella, I wish you had said it, they would have had the red carpet out for you & the bedsock.

I look forward to your piccie-wicks!

VP said...

Wot no Toby Tumnus nor CB?

Are you going to lurk in the bushes to bring us the best paparazzi snaps?

Martyn Cox said...

Where was my invitation? Lost in the post no doubt. Actually, there is a much more interesting garden about two minutes down the lane from The Garden House - it's a new garden created by Keith Wiley, who was the former head gardener at The Garden House and the mastermind behind all the interesting stuff in that garden. Here's a link

emmat said...

Yeah I am glad to hear martyn disowns all knowledge of an invite, i didn't get one either. Feel we are all in remarkably good company, but still want the sockerazzi on patrol for snaps if poss

Arabella Sock said...

Ha ha! I wonder who did get invited then. I didn't stay and lurk in the bushes as we only just managed to get around the garden between Dartmoor deluges (ooh.. an enormous seagull chick is staring in the rooflight at me.. they follow me everywhere!!!). I did think it was fantastic though even despite the rain.

The Wildside garden sounds really interesting Martyn but it is only open Thursdays so I've missed it unless I get down this way again. I notice they are doing a C4 series about it for later this year. At last the possibility of an interesting TV gardening programme.