Sunday, 19 July 2009

Separated at Birth

Today my final guest blog (for now) from the lovely VP from Veg Plotting.

Whilst sorting out my archived photos the other day, I got the photos of my Old Man's beard at home and the Old Man's Beard up at the allotment rather mixed up. Can you help me untangle my Clematis vitalba from my hairy other half?

Any resemblance of this post to la Sockista's occasional series of the same name is purely intentional.


The Sock would again like to thank all those who have contributed to this series of guest blogs and to Garden Monkey for organising it... 'virtual' friends indeed.


Fat Rascal said...

Mmmm. I know which one wouldn't give me a rash, if that helps!

Ms B said...

I don't think either of them are quite the cat's whiskers.

Arabella Sock said...

That reminds me that the Bedsock must be due to grow the 'winter' beard this year. We missed out on it last year because of the Australian trip he decided to stay clean shaven.

Personally I think that picture A looks somewhat more strokeable.

VP said...

My dad always called being rasped by a beard a 'ginger rub'.

Strokeability depends on how long the beard is. Picture B is definitely not at the strokeable stage I fear.