Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Thank you..

Thank you to all of you who have left messages of care and support both on the blog and elsewhere.

The Bedsock and I have been moved to tears by many of them and also deeply touched by the kindness of both 'virtual' friends and strangers.

What I lack in a closeness of community in real life is made up for by the little community of bloggers and emailers who have shown such compassion and thoughtfulness.

Not least of these is the Garden Monkey - a person I have never met and "have no knowledge of" other than in the blogging world - has shown an understanding that I need the blog to carry on regardless and has organised some guest bloggers to tide me through until the Sock comes back.

I will publish the first of these from the lovely James Alexander-Sinclair (aged nearly 50) later today.

Again thank you everybody.



Anonymous said...

We love you, you silly sock!

Rothschild Orchid said...

Your blog always brings a touch of sunshine and coffee splurting to a dull day. It's only fair we get to send you virtual hugs when you are sad ;o)

LittleGreenFingers said...

I've only just read about Luka. I'm so very, very sorry Arabella.