Saturday, 15 August 2009

It's a Mystery

The mystery plant above (the green thing not the cotinus) has been in the Sock's garden since she bought it at Hampton Court show last year. It is neither thriving nor dead and looks like someone has hacked at it with scissors but no-one has. It is possible that it tried to have tiny purple and white clumps of flowers on some of those stems. Whatever - it is getting binned but the Sock wouldn't mind knowing what she has wasted her time and money on.

The garden has been neglected this summer but trying to clear some of the pots out of the way to get on with the greenhouse construction (more on this later) the Sock found these interesting little caterpillars all on one plant chomping the leaves. Does anyone know what they are?

No prizes - just the satisfaction of showing off your superior knowledge!


YAN said...

How do you spell 'Yurghhhhh'?

Sorry, not good at crawlies. They are quite pretty in their own way, but merchants of doom, no doubt.

I wonder what was eating the skeleton, though.

Juliet said...

They are vapourer moth caterpillars - some more photos for comparison on this page, if you scroll down (don't look, YAN!).

Can't help with the plant though, sorry.

easygardener said...

Is the plant a Carmichaelia (New Zealand Broom)? Mine does sit there looking green and twiggy for most of the year until little purple and white flowers appear.

Arabella Sock said...

Well done Juliet and Easygardener

It is a shame that the vapourer moth is somewhat dull compared to its caterpillar - I was expecting something more exotic.

Something about the plant had struck as being a bit like a broom and that is definitely the one. I think I have the wrong conditions for broom anyway so I can't think why I bought it in the first place. I expect it looks very pretty when it actually blooms though.

Juliet said...

I was coming back to say the plant was a broom - I saw a Cytisus in a GC yesterday and thought that looked rather like it - but Easygardener beat me to it (& got the right one, too!).

I also wanted to say thanks for the lessons in Creative Accountancy - they're paying off ;)

Arabella Sock said...
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themanicgardener said...

Maybe someone did hack it off with a scissors. Have you any enemies? No doubt Juliet and easygardener are right, though, and it's just a pre-(or post?)-bloom broom.

Arabella Sock said...

Hi Kate

I have a suspicion that it always looked hacked even when I bought it. I think I must have seen one on display that was in bloom otherwise I can't imagine what possessed me to buy it! Oh well - another mistake finds it's way to the dump!