Wednesday, 19 August 2009

People with Glass Houses II

Speakers on for the Sockmovie...

Finished at last - the Sock is now the proud owner of a greenhouse! Mad Andy and the Bedsock spent two whole days constructing it and then the Socks spent a further day working on it together. The Sock had been a little pissed off about only being allowed to be tea-maker and gopher whilst the boys were busy, hammering, bickering and bonding over it but finally she got to play with the drill, constructing the staging battoning in the window panes and putting the door handle on!

When the man at the Gabriel Ash stand at Chelsea told us the construction instructions were idiot-proof and it was simple to erect he told a big fat fib. The instructions were poor and the greenhouse had turned up rather more deconstructed than the Socks had imagined - over 120 pieces! The fact that it took four person days of the Socks' time and two days that Mad Andy was paid for meant that it would have not been much more expensive to have had Gabriel Ash construct it for us! However it is very satisfying to have finally done the work ourselves.

The greenhouse is somewhat taller than the Sock expected, it looks like St. Bartholomew's Church in Brighton which is the tallest in the country! Hebe has already been stuck on the roof ridge scared to slide back down the steep glass roof.
A lady from about eight doors down the terrace saw me in the front garden and asked "Are you the one with the lovely new greenhouse?" Very gratifying - it is obviously a landmark and will be spotted when we fly over Brighton from Gatwick and the Sock is glued to the plane window trying to spot her house.

Fifty terracotta pots of various designs and sizes have been cleaned and stored neatly inside.

Er... what does the Sock do with it now?


YAN said...

I am now, officially, jealous.

Your garden looks lovely and your religious greenhouse is wonderful.

Ms B said...

What should you do now?

Errrr, live dangerously & throw stones?
Open a terracotta pot museum?

Seriously, that looks fab & I am very very jealous!

Rob said...

What to do now?

Set up Sunday Service in time for an eager and rowdy congregation. Those cut flower displays don't arrange themselves, you know!

Fat Rascal said...

I think it's lovely and the perfect greenhouse for your garden.

The vid is brillant too - although the music is a bit Benny Hill!

If only builders worked that quickly in real life...

As for what to do now - admire it until autumn when you can start taking cuttings and lifting your tender bits!

Ms B said...

Fat Rascal! Are you implying the Sock's tender bits are drooping! Shame on you!

Arabella Sock said...

Well spotted Fat Rascal - the music is Chet Atkins 'Yakety Axe' aka the Benny Hill music. Don't blame me it was the Bedsock's idea.

Ms. B. Methinks you have got a bit of a 'thing' about drooping wibbly bits.

YAN the garden looks alright in the photos but the truth is it has been sadly neglected since I lost my little helper. The gaps in the border have been taken over by giant cosmos I chucked as seed and clearly forgot about and there are vanguards of vine weevils in the side passage where I have my pot plants, battalions of bush crickets in the same place and what can only be described as a catastrophe of caterpillars absolutely everywhere. It's a mess but is OK as long as you don't look too closely.

Rob I think the greenhouse could definitely take some stained glass in the roof. I wonder what the acoustics are like - I could go up there and sing Cyfri'r Geifr

HappyMouffetard said...

A veritable ecclesiastic monument to tender perennials.

You could always use the greenhouse for what I use it for - a place to store spiders of staggering size and hairiness.

aspidistra said...

Splendid glasshouse, Arabella. What did you say your address was?(sound of clanking tools ready to deconstruct and reconstruct obscure object of desire...)

Arabella Sock said...

I have already de-spidered it several times! It is really far too posh for my humble garden and definitely too posh to be used as a spider sanctuary. It will definitely be used to shelter my aeoniums and stuff after last winters carnage.

You will never, ever be able to deconstruct it Aspidistra because most of the provided screw heads dissolved and won't come out again.
As one of the selling points was that it would be easily taken down if we moved, we are a teensy bit cross and will have to pursue it.

But it is very pretty. I may have to buy a lap-top with wifi and use it as my second study.

Juliet said...

That is an extremely snazzy greenhouse, Arabella. I don't think I would quite know what to do with one either, but if I did, I should no doubt be very jealous.

Have fun fitting it out with your saved £500!

Karen - An Artist's Garden said...

Gosh Arabella - it is a thing of beauty, I am very jealous. It looks so perfect in your garden -

Nutty Gnome said...

Wow, nice greenhouse - if only my Tea House could be built as quickly! *sigh*