Friday, 25 September 2009

Incey Wincey...

It's that spider time of year again and this year there is a bumper crop of them! This is particularly noticeable in the Sock's garden where their webs are strung across every pathway ready to snare an innocent passerby. The Socks don't like spiders - the Bedsock is particularly phobic and given a free rein would run around the garden spraying the web-crawlers with Doom, Doom, Doom a chemical spray hastening the death of both the spider and planet.

Any activity in the garden will be accompanied by screams of "Spidercheck! Spidercheck!" the Sock's cue to rush out and inspect the flapping Bedsock for crawly critters. Once whilst performing the spidercheck the Sock noticed a large garden spider swinging on a silken thread attached to the Bedsock's hair. The arc of the spider swing was getting wider and wider and just about to enter the periphery of the Bedsock's vision when the Sock bravely snatched it out of the air and hurled it away. "What was that!!" squealed the Bedsock in alarm "Just a bit of leaf, darling.." the Sock was in a good mood or she might have cruelly hinted at the close encounter.

The Doom, Doom, Doom had its place on the Socks 'packing for cottage rental holidays' list. Staying in a slightly run down cottage in the Gorge Du Tarn the Bedsock had been very nearly attacked by a large French spider lurking in the toilet. The small, dark, room had then been copiously sprayed by a fear-crazed Bedsock but the spider had merely dashed off behind the toilet waiting for it's next victim. Everytime the Sock used the toilet after that she had to balance her feet on two strategically placed toilet rolls in case the spider rushed out at them.


Ms B said...

I heard on the radio this morning that it is going to be a bumper year for spiders & daddy-long-legs so please check your socks very carefully.

My main worry is spiders in the car. As I carry so much garden rubbish around in said vehicle there do tend to be lots of spiders, much to the shock & horror of any passengers. (My children have been known to refuse a lift in my car). They don't generally worry me but on occasion have suddenly plumetted down from the roof & dangled in front of me as I am driving. Not recommended.

BTW as I was checking the 'more spiders' story I came across this headline "Spider Venom for Erectile Dysfunction".

Martyn Cox said...

I had some lovely webs in the garden this morning, but ended up wearing most of them in my hair. When will spiders ever learn to make their webs in the border and not across the path? Great pic - think I'll post one of my own web pics soon.

Arabella Sock said...

I think spiders and various flying nasties are one of the main causes of car crashes! The only appalling driver we forgave in Italy was the guy in front of us trying to look cool in his sports car. He was racing around the narrow coastal corniche near Amalfi when he suddenly jammed on his brakes and screeched to a halt causing us to nearly pile into the back of him and push us both over the cliff. Then he jumped out his car slapping wildly at some unseen enemy and a giant flying beetley thing flew off. Triple Eeek!

There is a spider that casts its web right across the path in front of our door. Very easy to walk into first thing in the morning. And it takes ages to get rid of the feel of bits of web tickling your face even though it is no longer there!

Everyone should post web pics - see who can get best one.

Juliet said...

I should have thought copious spraying of Doom Doom Doom within the confines of small French loos would be more harmful to Socks than any amount of spiders.

Lovely picture though. Our garden is festooned with them too - I can't get to the tomatoes without putting my face through one. I don't mind much myself, but the spider is getting a bit fed up with having to rebuild her web every day (I have suggested she go and build one elsewhere, but she says that there is no more available space in the garden which doesn't already have some other spider's web on it. At least I think that's what she's saying - my spider is a bit rusty.)

VP said...

At my friend's student flat you had to be most careful about the rat living behind the loo :(

Lia Leendertz said...

i was driving up the M1 one freezing morning some years ago when a massive queen wasp appeared in my rear view mirror. i think it had decided to hibernate in my boot and the heater had made it think it was spring. somehow managed not to crash!

HappyMouffetard said...

Somebeans is kind to spiders and will rescue them from me, as I threaten to kill them by dropping heavy objects on them from a safe distance (this doesn't work if they are on the ceiling).

I used to lodge in a converted barn, where the spiders were so big that the noise of them walking on the floor actually woke you up and even SomeBeans thought twice about trying to catch them and chuck them out.

Strangely, I like garden spiders. At least they know their place. SomeBeans would suggest that House Spiders also know their place, but I don't see them contributing to the mortgage, so they are scary freeloaders.

Frances said...

This article from the New York Times seems to fit in with this piece.

Gossamer Silk From Spiders


VP said...

These are the best web pics - do you remember this?

Needless to say I searched the web to find that link!

Arabella Sock said...

Thank you Frances and VP for those web links. The idea of fabric made from spiders thread is quite fantastic although why not if worms can make silk.

The most interesting of the 'drugged' spider webs is the one on caffeine! Must go and make another cup of coffee.