Thursday, 8 October 2009

If I had a Ribbon Bow

It's National Poetry Day with a theme of heroes and heroines. The Sock is going to share with you her favouritest song lyrics ever but first the song itself. Fairport Convention singing 'If I had a Ribbon Bow' (it takes a while to start)

If I had ribbon bow to tie my hair
And a gown of calico for me to wear
I'd surely get a sweetheart a prince or a king
A palace home where I could have anything

If I had a ribbon bow to tie my hair
this old world could come and go I wouldn't care
I'd stay up in my castle and I'd always wear
A ribbon bow so fine to tie my hair

All the live long day
to the Lord above me
All I do is pray
For someone to love me

If I had ribbon bow all nice and clean
I could be a princess or a fairy queen
Prince Charming then would court me
His love he would swear
If I had a ribbon bow to tie my hair


It took the Sock a long time to get a ribbon bow but sure enough when she did the Bedsock turned up. He is my hero.


Plant Mad Nige said...

I was amazed to hear, on Radio 4's Today prog that T S Eliot was voted Britain's fave poet. You could have knocked me darn wiv a fevver!

I'd have thought Wordsworth or Keats or even Pam Ayres, but not him. I suppose it's 'cos of Old Possum's Book of Nauseating Cats.'

Anyway, give me G M Hopkins any day - his wimpling wings, lush-kept, plush-capped sloes & dapple dawn drawn doodahs certainly makes my 'plough down sillion shine'!!!!

YAN said...

Welcome back, Mrs Sock, glad the wind blew your way.

I think it is impossible to have a favourite poet. My head is full of once learned scraps of verses that still entertain me on long journeys or through sleepless nights. They range from Tennyson, through Monro to Alfred and the Lion, but I do like Eliot. He has dozens of memorable lines in every work and can paint a startlingly vivid picture with a few well aimed words.

But maybe I have measured out my life in coffee spoons

VP said...

Arabella - good to see you back today and awwwwwww, how sweet.

I didn't get the ribbon in my hair because it's too short for one, but a Speedo designed England swimming costume netted NAH :D

Arabella Sock said...

I could never bear TS Eliot after having to learn 'Growltiger was a Bravo cat who travelled on a barge..' in my first year at grammar school. My mother had me reciting it to her whilst she gave me handy tips like "put a bit more enthusiasm into it". Any possibility of enthusiasm had already been sucked out of me by the school.

I'm like you YAN a head full of scraps of poems, quotations and lyrics. A head so full there is no room to remember what it is I came upstairs for..

VP it was probably a stroke of luck that you were wearing the speedo cossie and not the NAH or the arrows of love may not have struck! Speedos on men are not a good look.

VP said...

Actually in NAH's case they are, because he has a very pert bum :)

And he still swims a lot...

Anonymous said...

I used to stamp out of work muttering that I had measured out my life in coffee spoons and if anyone asked what I was muttering about I would declaim
I grow old
I grow old
I shall wear the bottoms of my trousers rolled....
Madam Sock
I hope the Bedsock knows what a lucky Bedsock he is, to be your Hero

Martyn Cox said...

I've never heard that song, so thanks for sharing and hope you've had a good National Poetry Day? I wonder what national day it will be tomorrow? National Chip Day? National Lemonade Day? I can't wait to find out...

VP said...

Martyn - chips get a whole week and Keith Chegwin's the mascot!

Arabella Sock said...

I think its a beautiful song Martyn. I found it on an LP I once bought for 50p from a bloke in a pub.

I just found out that May the 8th is National No Sock Day. :(

Jude said...

I am so delighted that you like this song, but I hope you understand that all the pictures accompanying the song make it appear that it was sung by Sandy Denny, when in fact I was the original Fairport singer and I was singing on this particular track. But it is lovely to know that the song is appreciated, I loved singing it and hope to do so again one day..
Judy Dyble