Thursday, 15 October 2009

Please allow me to introduce myself

Hello, I'm 'thingy' and I have just moved in to Sock Towers. The new mummy I've adopted says she only got me cos I match the cushions! Mummy thought I was going to be a frightened little kitty in awe of my new surroundings but I took control of everything immediately and made myself right at home!

My new family like to watch Gardeners' World together. We laugh all the way through.

I like Carol best but I run away when Toby comes on screen.

I like to help Mummy with her bloggywog.

This is my new best friend Hebe. We like to play hide and seek a lot. Hebe hides from me all the time but I can always find her! I like to cuddle up close to Hebe and listen to all the funny growling and hissing noises she makes to show how much she loves me.

I like to play all the time as I have lots and lots of energy. My new mummy says I am an (annoying little bugger) sweet little angel.

I am the world's fastest, bounciest cat. I have limitless energy. I have a very loud voice and if I am not kept constantly amused I scream the place down!

Daddy says he likes me best when I am asleep. Mummy agrees but says it would be better if I didn't sleep on the clean washing.

I have a voracious appetite and eat everything I can get my paws on. My new family lock me out of the room when they are eating. I think this is very mean - although I did jump into their Merguez casserole and skid through the sauce with my paws on a sausage. They were not very pleased but I know they love me because they said I was a "bloody nuisance".

The only problem is that they haven't given me a name yet. Mummy says that I need a name that has

two syllables or can be shortened to two
doesn't have the same vowel sound as Hebe

Can anybody suggest a suitable male name for me?


Rothschild Orchid said...

OMG! So adorable Arabella! I think I've gone into cuteness overload, Awwwwwwwwww I want one (Shhhh don't let Stilton here me)!

Is "Thingmy" a little boy?

Arabella Sock said...

THingy is a boy. He is another British Silver Spotted Shorthair like Hebe and Luka. They are known to be a very soft and affectionate breed so I thought it would be easier for Hebe to adapt to the same but unfortunately he is a very "in your face" little kitten and Hebe gets easily spooked. He is incredibly wilful and is like a little shadow trotting around after everyone.

I'd really like a Greek or Roman type name like Hebe but I can't think of anything that both suits him and could easily be screeched across the gardens when he finally gets let out.

Rothschild Orchid said...

He looks like such a character. At the moment I havn't got any Roman gods leaping out at me, but Loki the Norse god of mischief is waving hello! :o)

Arabella Sock said...

We thought of Loki but the Bedsock doesn't like it as Loki was rather nasty, although that is true of most of the various Gods.

Anonymous said...

I would just like to point out that it is all cats/kittens job descriptions to sleep in baskets of clean washing.
Those who don't probably end up at some Cat Behaviour Tribunal place.
I think he should be called Chris B.

Juliet said...

He's gorgeous - I think I'm in love :-D

Hermes? - or Mercury if you want Roman and can think of a way of shortening it?

The Black Fingernail said...

He's a real little Spark Plug isn't he? And of course Greek for spark plug is Boozi.

Oh hang on is that not his Mother's nickname....

Alternatively you can name him after the London lawyer Raymond Saul. Not sure how you'd shorten that to two sylables though?

My own name, Warren, was given when my Yorkshire father first saw me. Warren ugly bugger he exclaimed!

jro said...

How about Ares - the greek equivalent of Mars, the god of war? You can't call him Mars, the neigbours will think you have a chocolate fixation.

Or Hades, god of the underworld?

I love those eyes!

Fat Rascal said...

I still think Bacchus would suit the little rascal (no relation)

Would suit the Sock household too.

Excellent photos especially the one of Thingy in flight.

Esther Montgomery said...

'Thingy' seems a pretty good name for a colour co-ordinated cat.

Mint might do.

Where else but clean washing to sleep? (Unless a seed tray is available.) (Or . . . newly dug earth followed by newly laundered sheets?)

Esther Montgomery

Rothschild Orchid said...

Priapus? He's a minor rustic fertility god, protector of livestock, fruit plants, gardens and er ...male thingy's!

Juliet said...

I had another thought - maybe you could call him after a silver-leaved plant, such as Stachys or Lychnis? Or even Cineraria, though if you bawl that down the garden your neighbours might think that you have a cat called sinner. Or that you're a nutter.

PS wv is caturl :)

Ms B said...


HappyMouffetard said...

He's absolutely gorrrrrrgeous! And what wonderful photos of him making hiomself very much at home. I'm tempted to suggest you call him Pollux but the neighbours might mis-hear.

The Garden Monkey said...

In the top photo he looks like Ron Mael the keyboard player from Sparks.

So, Ronnie.

Or Sparky

Arabella Sock said...

Aww.. the poor liddle puddy tat. Hebe looked like Blakey from 'On the buses' as a kitten and Luka looked like Gary Glitter so I guess Ron Mael is a step up.

I rather like Mint as a name, the Bedsock read the comments and thought Saul was a nice name so I don't think he understood the 'joke'.

We both like Danté as he is like a little imp from the inferno but it doesn't roll off the tongue easily.
Bedsock's latest idea is Joel.

I've been through Greek, Roman, Norse, Egyptian gods etc. I'm now working through Shakespearian characters.. nothing seems to fit!!! Aargh.

The Black Fingernail said...
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The Black Fingernail said...
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Yan said...

He is more than beautiful. I love the last but one photo where he is just Essence of Twirling Kitten. You caught that moment really well.

Coco? A clown, a fashion deity, and a homophone for a form of chocolate!

Lucytoo2 said...

I suggest Hector...

James A-S said...

I go for TicTac
Snappy, quite bouncy and the lesser known Roman God of snogging and minty fresh breath - which is always an advantage in a cat.

jro said...


I know it's usually reserved for large alsatians, but Thingy seems to have the sort of personality that could pull it off!

Anonymous said...

socky for short
Yes I know Socrates wasn't a god, but he was very very clever

Yan said...

Ermmm ~~~'Cashmere' has two syllables ~~~

Rothschild Orchid said...


Arabella Sock said...

Where have we got to..

Hermes - too scarfy
Mercury - he would end up being called murky
ChrisB - no. I want him to grow up to be a big cat
Bacchus is a possibility
Priapus - to punny
Silver leaf plant name is good idea but not one of those mentioned
Bedsock's not keen on Mint
Brutus! Ms B how could you!
Coco or Toto would actually suit him but I'm not sure
Hector.. no but possibly Heston who is the Bedsock's hero.
TicTac.. if that was TucTuc we might be talking..
Heathcliff and Cashmere (but spelled Kashmir) I discounted the first too jokey but I quite like the second only he doesn't look like a 'Kashmir'.

See how difficult it is?

I would have called him Cleve but the vowel sound is too similar to Hebe.

If he doesn't get a name by Sunday night he is going to be called Merguez after the sausages

Esther Montgomery said...

Peronne sounds quite classy; French and distinguished, pin-striped suited.

Anonymous said...

Tum Tum, or Tinker maybe?

James A-S said...

What about
Sobek (Egyptian Crocodile God)
Weret (God of the Sky)
Nemty (the Ferryman)
(all ancient and well respected cat names)

PS 29 comments so far: proves my point about cat related posts. Cute kitten posts are even better.

Juliet said...

I am upstairs doing something entirely un-blog-and-un-cat related. R is downstairs watching TV. He has just called out "Jason!" Took me ages to work out what he was talking about!

Juliet said...

PS He says "as in the Argonauts".

James A-S said...


Arabella Sock said...

I have a small kitten sat on my head - he seems to like my beret (I just got in from town I don't normally wear hats in the house although I might start to do so because I have bought some nice new ones!).

So Peronne is a lovely name but unfortunately I have a Jonathan Woss type speech defect and Pewonne doesn't sound as classy.

Wuffy-paws is a definite contender

Jason is too Corrie so is Tyrone which would otherwise be suitable

Hobo is a good one. I like that.

The Bedsock thinks Spooks which suits him but isn't really a very noble name

He looks like a D'Artagnan and has all the right characteristics for D'Artagnan as played by Michael York. Unfortunately D'Artagnan is too much of a mouthful and he would always be called Dart which isn't as good.

VP said...

I've always wanted to call a cat Claude, but your little bundle of fun doesn't look like he'd grow into the purring pudding of a cat this name conjures up in my head.

How about Hero or Horatio?

VP said...

Oops - just spotted why Perone isn't suitable, so I suppose that means my suggestions aren't feasible either.

Continuing with our the heroes theme, how about Hector? Or Lysander and such great names as these...?

Arabella Sock said...

You must be right on my wavelength VP. My first thoughts were Hector, Hero, Horatio or Lysander. He looks like a Lysander to me but it is a difficult name to shorten - Zander I suppose. Claudius doesn't suit him but I think that is a good name. Julius is my latest favourite but I'm not sure that suits either! Aargh... this is ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

Why not ask the kitten what his name is?
I asked mine many years ago and he said Maou.

Karen - An Artist's Garden said...

Arabella - he is lovely (I want one - don't tell Shedman. He is so handsome.
I am hopeless on names I just worked my way through the impressionists artists with my pets.


Karen - An Artist's Garden said...

err - that reads funny - your cat is handsome I mean

Pork Chop said...

How about Marcus as in Marcus Aurelius. Or Janus the two faced God.

Esther Montgomery said...

I think he's called Bostik.


James A-S said...


Yolanda Elizabet Heuzen said...

Darcy, as he looks like a very superior kind of kittycat and I'm currently Lost in Austen. ;-)

Very glad to see that you have this little silver spotted baby to brighten up your days with his antics. Hopefully Hebe will get used to him soon.

Fat Rascal said...

43 posts!

Spookily enough, the dearly darling departed dog came from Peronne, a town in the Somme....

Stopwatch Gardener said...

Hey - there's a cat magazine I just saw in Tesco that's featuring the silver tabby this month and has teeny-weeny silver tabby soft toy that looks just like your new friend. I'm sure it was the Cat Collection magazine. I wouldn't normally notice the cat mags, but the pictures of your lovely little kitten were fresh in my mind.

Arabella Sock said...

Hi Stopwatch Gardener - the kitten is in disgrace at the moment so I might swap him for the toy! I'll keep a look out for the magazine.

Stopwatch Gardener said...

Did kitten ever get a name? Belatedly I thought of Jebe -- complements your Hebe & has potential for a number of variants according to his behaviour.

Arabella Sock said...

Hi Stopwatch

The kitten has got what I think of as a 'temporary' name which I will reveal in a blog soon. It is temporary because it suits the kitten but I don't like it and can't think of anything else. I don't know why naming this kitten has been so difficult it seems bizarre. We couldn't call him Jebe because it isn't distinctive enough from Hebe and given that we seem to be permanently yelling at him over some misdemeanour or another I don't want Hebe to get confused and think it is her fault. He is an absolute little devil but turns into a soft affectionate angel when he has tired himself (and me)out being naughty.

Pamela said...


Arabella Sock said...

Teasle! Thanks Pamela, I love it. It has just the right air of naughtiness. I will try and persuade the Bedsock but given that he has poo-pooed all my other suggestions I'm not hopeful. :(