Saturday, 24 October 2009

Sock's new hattiewat

The Sock bought herself a new hattiewat for the winter season at the Origins Craft Fair at Somerset House a week or so ago (photo courtesy Ms. B) Isn't it marvellous?

The Sock thought she had better post as she knew you would all be worried at the lack of blogging. Bedsockflu (this is like a very mild dose of man flu and not the swine flu but still requires a lot of sympathy and ooohing and ahhing which quite frankly the Sock is not terribly good at) squitty kitty angst and the probability that she is about to succumb to a cold herself has taken up a lot of the Sock's time and energy.

Rather more life affirming was a visit to Ms. B's home where the Sock was given delicious home-made cakes prior to burning the calories off by scaling the tree-top walk at Kew.

These were much better than the cupcakes the Sock bought the previous weekend which were a bit heavy on the buttercream and also contained a rather sharp bit of plastic.

Thingy still doesn't have a name after 3 weeks and the Sock can't resume normal blog service until he gets one.


Rothschild Orchid said...

That is a very fine hat ;o)

I'm sorry but every time I look at him now I think Heston!

Ryan said...

That is one very good looking hat! Slightly Victorian inspired perhaps?

I have the dreaded man flu also. I have also lost my voice which hasn't returned yet and I lost it last thursday! Send my sympathy to the bedsock.

Hope you get good wear out of your gorgeous hat!


The Garden Monkey said...

That shot makes you look like a giant morel mushroom.

Don't be surprised if HFW starts stalking you.


Arabella Sock said...

A morel mushroom... mmmm tasty and not the sort of thing you'd ever see Dannii Minogue wearing...

Victoria said...

It's a very fine hattiewat. And very fine butterfly cakes at Mrs B's. I must invite myself round!

Rob said...

Ditto what Victoria said. Ms B, I'm free to visit whenever... :-)

Karen - An Artist's Garden said...

Its a very lovely hat.

Mrs B's cakes also look very yummy - I am always full of admiration of folk who can bake nice cakes.

Sorry to hear about the bedsockflu :(

Arabella Sock said...

The Bedsock has got over his flu by giving it to me. THis means that although I have finally got some inspiration for my blog I can't do anything because my eyes hurt too much to sit at the screen for long. Bah!

Butterfly cakes! THanks Victoria I knew there was a name for them but couldn't think of it. Ms B. bakes exceedingly good cakes.

Ms B said...

Thank goodness! I thought it was all going to be "Ooooh Ms Sock, what a lovely hattywat" so I am glad some discerning viewers have also recognised the quality of those cakes. Shall I reveal that you moaned 'cos there wasn't one with your name on!

jro said...

That's because if you had made one with her name on, it would have had to be a very large cake. She's not daft.

Baffled said...

Butterfly cakes.
Perhaps we can solve an internationally baffling conumdrum here.
The wing things on those cakes are made, I hope of cake.
Are they the result of slicing the top 1/4 inch off the cake prior to icing or do you have to bake another tray of bottomless cakes in order to make the wings?
Maybe you buy the wings in from somewhere else.

Also I don't believe that anybody who makes cakes like that can be either Lazy or Trollopy thereby contravening the trades descriptions act twice.

The Hat?
Oh, I forgot...sorry.
It seems very 1940s Foyles War. I also notice that it seems to match the coat which is very smart.It would go well with very red lipstick and seamed nylons and maybe rationing.

It the hair attached or is it your own?

Yan said...

Very good hat and really nice cakes!

If you translate 'Thingy' into various languages it comes out as:
Cosa - Italian
Chose - French
Ding - German and Dutch
Ting - Danish
and شیی ء which is Persian and possibly terribly appropriate, but for me, at least, unpronounceable! I suppose 'Squiggle' might do it, but it doesn't sound all that noble.

Hope you all feel better soon.

Arabella Sock said...

Ms B. is defo a Lazy Trollop and has been for years. It is as much a state of mind as anything else I believe.

The hattiewat is very 'Foyle's War' isn't it - only they didn't have morels in those days, hence the wearing of seamed stockings and red lipstick. The hat comes complete with hair and is also available in blonde and ginger.

I was just curled up on the sofa reading 'When will there be good news?' when I drifted off, only to be awoken by a small fox-faced cat biting the end of my nose. This would appear to be his signal that he wants feeding. He is constantly hungry and my nose (which is already tender from the streaming cold) has been bitten by his sharp little teeth more than a few times. I'm giving up on the noble names and may just call him James.

Rothschild Orchid said...

You'll have to buy him a hattiewat too if you are going to call him James!

Joe Slow said...

Phwarr! don't half fancy Ms B's cupcakes!

....and the hat is a verwy tasty lookin number too

Ms B said...

I can confirm that I really am pretty much a Lazy Trollop. It is amazing how threats can make one act out of character!

Plant Mad Nige said...

The hat looks like an extremely sophisticated chocolate pudding. There are probably crystallised morello cherries somewhere inside, drenched in Kirsch.

The cakes look distinctly Women's Institute. One glance, and I was bawling out 'And did those feet, in ancient times, walk upon England's pastures green?? etc. etc.

Sorry, but I'm not that good and coping with butter icing. My mother used to make it with Echo margarine, when I was little and that used to make me ick!

emmat said...

The pussy cat is obviously going to get what he wants forever, so I think he should by rights be called Paris. after all, Paris didn't mean to cause any trouble, did he? He just fell in love with could happen to anyone :-)

Arabella Sock said...

I think my mother made a lot of cakes with Stork margarine (euw!) and you have just reminded me that my first ever cookbook was a Stork Margarine one. I'll bet the Bedsock chucked it out when he culled all my cookery books in order to make room on the shelves for his massive collection!

Paris is a lovely name for a puddytat but the Bedsock doesn't like it. Didn't like Troy either.
I think I might have to go for a proper name that goes on his insurance and vets stuff and then a pet name that we just call him. That usually happens anyway.