Monday, 23 November 2009

Gardening Awards - Your Vote Counts!

At last!!!! A Gardening Award where your vote really matters. Martyn Cox is providing an alternative to the stuffy old Garden Media Whatever Awards and is bringing to us the OMG Awards for excellence in the Alternative Gardening World.
Get straight over to Martyn's blog now and make your votes and nominations count.  It's free!!!!!


Martyn Cox said...

Thanks Arabella. It looks like your nameless kitten is going to have a bit of competition for best newcomer. Actually, I had a friend who had a 15-year old cat, which was known Even after 15-years they hadn't got round to naming the poor puss. Every cat needs a name.

Yan said...

Love the new look and the purple hattiewat. I shall have to rush over to the Poll and vote for you as best dressed - or would you prefer most fanciable?

James A-S said...

I say, Arabella.
That is a particularly fetching outfit you are wearing.
In spite of the Beardshaw Brooch.
I take it all back....

Arabella Sock said...

I hope you are not insulting my designer crafted genuine moissanite Beardshaw Brooch! I had the moissanite specially mined by a team of seven Beardshaw clones singing "Hi ho" as they went about their labours.

Thank you Yan - I think best dressed Sock will be fitting.