Thursday, 10 December 2009

Advent Countdown -December 10th

Behind the 'bum today we have some little glowing jewels that add year round colour to your garden.  Their lovely leaves lift any dark corner and their names alone are enough to tempt you to buy them.  'Plum Pudding', 'Creme Brulee', 'Ginger Ale', 'Southern Comfort', 'Peach Flamb√©' who can resist a 'Tiramisu'?  Well the Sock can't, Fat Rascal, VP and many others are fans and even Emma was beginning to be converted. But then shock, horror Plant Mad Nige is a heucherahater!!! And so is the Bedsock who just doesn't get them and describes them as 'the ones with the ragged and dead leaves that attract vine weevils'!! The Sock has noted other bloggers who have been very mealy-mouthed about them!

It is time for the Band of Heucheraholics to fight back and make sure that everyone is converted to the cause. But first we must do a little research into the psychology of what people  think is a good or a bad heuchera.
To do this I have taken some pictures from the Heucheraholics site. (Heucheraholics won gold for their fab displays at Malvern and Shewsbury plus they have always been fans of the bloggywog so they must be great people!)  The pictures are of some of their new heucheras arriving for 2010 take a look at the Heucheraholics website for a fuller description and lots more..           

The Sock loves heucheras but not ALL heucheras some are wonderful like 'Obsidian' some are washed-out like 'Amber Waves'.  Here we will decide which of the new heucheras are 'Euw!!' or 'Non-Euw!!!'  please post your opinions on the comments.

First up Mmmmm  'Mint Julep'.  Absolutely non-Euw.
Looks fresh and clean as a mountain stream.

Non-Euw 'Shanghai'  vibrantly violet

Euw! Bayou best viewed at midnight.

Non-Euw. Lovely 'Lipstick' with it's lush green leaves

Euw! 'Midas Touch' didn't turn this to gold.

Non-Euw! 'Lime Marmalade' will add frills to a gloomy garden.

Non-Euw! 'Electra' This is so in your face you have to love it - but then the Sock has to confess that she secretly likes the occasional coleus too.

Non-Euw! The fairy at the bottom of your garden will love this one!

Euw! 'Golden Zebra' a heucherella which looks just a little too coleus for the Sock.

Hmm... jury's out on 'Berry Smoothie' what do you reckon?

The Sock's head was full of heucheras so she bought another one today.. but that is a story for tomorrow's blog.


Plant Mad Nige said...

Did you know that vine weevils absolutely ADORE heucheras?

Or that if you put two weevils side by side,and one is smaller, it will be the lesser of two weevils????

I wish you every happiness with these plants, but I'm afraid I can't share your enthusiasm. Call me a disgusting old stick in the mud, but for some inexplicable reason, I hate them.

Tiarellas - fine, tellimas - ok in their native habitats but those caramel coloured things? Pas pour moi, merci!

James A-S said...

I'm afraid that, along with Nigel, I will be one of the first to be ritually impaled when the Heucheraholics take over the world.
With the exception of Heuchera Maureen Iddon (and Palace Purple if pushed) I would be quite happy if they all vanished: in particular the dog sick coloured varieties and the one that looks like electric lettuce.

Arabella Sock said...

Wash your mouths out with soap boys!
The heuchera girls are coming to get you!!!!!!

Crusty Bedsocks said...

How very dare you James and Nige!!! Heucheras are wonderful plants that come in a rainbow of colours and shine out on grey gloomy days. Bees love their frothy little flowers and would pack their little furry back packs and leave our gardens for the Heucherholics shop if we didn't grow them.

Call yourselves gardeners eh!!!

LittleGreenFingers said...

I shall ignore the grumpy blokes - Heucheras are fab - year round colour, great ground cover and lots of choice - plus the flower sprays are a lovely subtle addition to cut flowers. Having said that, I only really like Mint Julep from the new crop and none of them beat Obsidian for me.

However, Heucheraholics do give out lovely pens...

Fat Rascal said...


I'm here!
James you have made the dog sick comment before and I will repeat my answer -what have you been feeding your dog?

There is nothing, NOTHING other than a Heuchera which gives so much colour in my garden in winter (too cold for almost everything) So the first point in their favour is their hardiness.

Don't get vine weevils (they must be tender too) but I do get cockchafer grubs and even though they like a nibble of a heuch root it is so easy to get heuchs to root from the teeniest rescued bit that you've got a new plant in no time.

As for the newbies, I can't remember the names any more but the ,er, dog sick coloured one is nothing special.The purple and the berry colours are my favourites!

(not saying that in a Brucie sort of way!)

easygardener said...

I don't much care for Heucheras either. I've tried but it's no good. The longer I look at a plant the more queasy I feel.

Yan said...

To me, the only Non-Eeuw ones are the brown and beige ones which just look as if they are dismally heading for the great compost heap in the sky.

Not keen on the white flowers - I tend to take them off, but love the red and pink flowers.

As for the rest I adore all the pinks,the purples, shiny blacks and Electric Lettuce! They look lovely in summer and in winter light up the borders.

Ms B said...

Oh come on ye of little taste, heuchs are just the best, other than some of the more putrid colours of course. However even I think that just possibly the invention of yet more colours has gone a bit too far. Still, if they are good enough for Anne Wareham's veg patch, sorry, garden, then they are good enough for me I have got many in my front garden :)

The Constant Gardener said...

another heucheraholic here... dog-sick ones I'm with James on, mind you. Which means anything vaguely butterscotch-coloured: Amber Waves, Caramel, Marmalade - all eeuw and eeuw again.

But... lurve Obsidian (who couldn't, I ask you??!!) and the lime-green ones are fab too - Lime Ricky grows in my garden and is gorgeous.

But my all-time favourite is a large-leaved heuchera called 'Brownies'. Massive leaves, massive plant, smouldering hot-chocolate brown, flowers like an explosion in the middle of summer and has class, class, class.

Arabella Sock said...

I bought a large-leaved one, which might have been Mahogany, a couple of years ago. It is OK over the winter but in the summer it is just fabulous with leaves like taffeta catching the sun in rich reddish brown colours. I'm not so bothered about the flowers on any of them and mostly cut them back. Although the dogsicky ones can look a bit washed out in too much sun, they can also look lovely with warm peach colours. Yum.

Juliet said...

I like the mint and lipstick ones (nice to see one with really red flowers, not just p*nk flowers pretending) and the violet shanghai one as well. I don't like the ones with p*nk leaves, obviously, and that Midas touch one really is extremely dog-sicky euw. Not sure about the bright lemon and lime coloured ones - think I'd have to see them in the flesh to make a decision.

At the moment I still only have a black-ish one with cream flowers (ebony and ivory) - I'm always wary about buying more because photos tend to show the leaves and not the flowers, and I wouldn't want to end up with anything with p*nk flowers (so if you're reading this, Heucheraholics, can we have some photos of the flowers please, not just the foliage!).

Yolanda Elizabet Heuzen said...

Heucheras rule! Don't worry about Nige as he's mad. He says so himself. ;-)

Liked the berry last one too, very pretty but then I like purple and pink very much.

Teza said...

I recently discovered the brilliance that is Arabella Sock and decided to dive in the foray. Hailing from the other side of the pond(Canada)methinks I am diving blindly, head first into a rather shallow teacup!

It started here with Palace Purple, and the bandwagon keeps churning them out one after the other.... oh look here's a bloody sport of Tiramisu that will likely be the same under-achiever that it was!

Working in the hort industry, I wasted so much time applying Nematodes in an effort to stay ahead of the weevils.

And then..... 'what is that, WHAT IS THAT?' Why, its Heuchera Brownies..... and now I have an appreciation - mind you, this is the only one that resides in the garden x 5! I so love your blog and hope to visit often!

Arabella Sock said...

Welcome Teza - I'm glad that the fight for heucheras has gone international! Three against ten for, and a general consensus that we're not keen on the dog sicky ones.
Hurrah for heucheras!!!

Photomacro said...

I think the *dog-sick 'Heucs' (sounds like a dog being sick doesn't it)have mostly faded into oblivion now. The new ones have a lot to offer, especially as container plants.
So what if the evil weevils have a chew......just pot up the leftovers and one Heuc becomes seven (or more.
I'm a convert after initial scepticism.

*PS. not meaning to be indelicate but the dog-sick referred to is the slightly frothy, mucoid, bilious stuff that appears after a dog has been deliberately eating grass with puking in mind.

Dan H missed a trick, he could have coined some great names. H. 'Frothy Puke' and 'Bilious Beauty' would have been winners.

Arabella Sock said...

Enough dog sick already!!! LOL! I have 'caramel' in my garden and 'marmalade' (I think - I forget all these names) and they look lovely!

VP said...

Mint Julep and Shanghai for me please!

Obsidian and Licorice are my absolute faves of all time. I'm also very fond of Lime Rickey in spite of acting like Bianca everytime I say its name. I particularly love its buttery yellow colour at this time of the year :)

Ooh, Chocolate Ruffles is lovely too - especially with its leaf edges etched with frost.

I don't really get on with the gingery ones at all in my garden - they just look miserable and out of sorts.