Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Advent Countdown - December 15th

The Sock is cheating today and giving you a link to someone else's work.
It really is too good to miss, combining everything you could wish for at Christmas... hats, snoggable people and Joseph.

My vote goes to Joe's.


Rothschild Orchid said...

Awww my vote goes to Max, what a star!

Yan said...

Priceless. The BBC should employ Max, he does a much better job than their current crew!

I thought Joe's was a bit messy. Cleve's looked much better off than on, (his hat, that is), so my vote goes to James.

However, don't they know you should never let your Oasis show???

Carrie said...

Best episode EVER!!!
Hard to pick a winner...Joe obviously stole most of the materials but did a lovely job.
Cleve's had the most orange and an unsual twist with the center, I liked.
James' speech was by far the best and really brought a tear to one's eye.
I tie them too.
But the music Wow that was special. x

Ms B said...


How nice to see James in 2 different hattiewats & at the risk of sounding a bit patronising he does look rather sweet with mussed up hair.

Cleve's hat looks like he has toothache but I do rather like his sustainable creation.

Joe I think is the most enthusiastic though!

Fat Rascal said...

It's been thrown open to the public vote then?

Is it a personality contest or a hatmaking one though?

As for the singing - they have the likeability factor but I'm afraid it's a "no" sweethearts!