Sunday, 6 December 2009

Advent Countdown -December 6th

 As we speed inexorably on our way towards Christmas another cherub disappears from the calendar.  We have a lovely, lovely thing behind it - one of Sarah Raven's  £12.00 little Angel Place names.

If you are a poor person and can't afford lovely, lovely things.. the Sock will show you how to make your own little Angel Place name.

First you take the cardboard centre of a toilet roll and cut it into two.  If you are worried that the toilet roll will be absolutely awash with germs from the billions that enter the air around the toilet every single time you flush -  then just unravel a new toilet roll and discard the paper.

Better still let your kitten unravel it for you!

Then cut a picture of your favourite little Angel Beardshaw from a magazine and paste it onto the cardboard.  Write the name of your guest on it in biro et voila! Simples!

All your dinner guests will be terribly envious of your darling little Angelic Place names and they will have cost you almost nothing!


Rob said...

I just love, your blog. What lovely, lovely things.

Nice idea, and you can save yourself about £11.75 on the original. Good stuff!

Linda said...

Kitty pic reminds me of the time my little darlings shredded an entire kitchen roll that they found on kitchen table. "Who? Us" No, it's been snowing in here..."

Anonymous said...

Please can we borrow the littlr tigger!! We have a mountain of paper to shred...
Can you please email her to me??
She is a little beaut!!!

Arabella Sock said...

All our cats over the years have liked to shred paper. Binki would get all the tissues out of Kleenex box and shred them all over the place and they all liked to destroy kitchen towels on the roll. They are very cheap to buy prezzies for because they are happier with a cardboard box with holes cut in it and some string than anything else.

Sorry Anonymous, Spook isn't allowed out for visits yet although getting him to shred the paper is a good idea!

great big bloomers said...

Well maybe I could send a truck load of paper over and she could shred it over xmas....then I will come collect the damaged goods!!!
you must be really happy with her she looks like a hoot..
What does the bed sock think?