Friday, 25 December 2009

Merry Mentalists - Brighton Christmas Day Swim

The Sock was going to take a blogging holiday but couldn't resist this post.  For American blogwatchers a mentalist is, in this case, an affectionate term for someone who is doing something crazy - rather than that bloke who gets inside people's heads on the eponymously named (and somehow ridiculous but rather watchable program) 'The Mentalist'.

Brighton is full of mentalists and nowhere more obviously so than at the traditional (recorded in 1885) Christmas day Santa Swim.

The Sock's rushed to get to the event held next to the Brighton pier, dashing along the seafront just in time to see a load of  people, dressed in nothing but their speedos and Santa hats, chuck themselves into the freezing cold sea and splash around screaming with delight (or cold as the case may be)!

Young people don't feel the cold though... do they....?

Swimmers share a kiss as surfing Santa looks on

There was a jolly, convivial atmosphere on the pebbly beach as watchers sloughed off their hangovers to breath in a bit of cold sea air and enjoy the sadistic pleasure of watching swimmers freeze their bollocks off (as the saying goes).

Another mentalist...

The only sour note was that the "World reknowned Brighton Pier" was closed to the public on Christmas Day!

Miserable gets!

This is an unbelievable and absolute disgrace, there is no reason that the pier can't be opened for people to walk on without having to open all the booths and arcades - it has been in the past!  Bah Humbug to the pier owners, their tacky amusement arcades and chavvy funfair rides!!

Hurrah for the Brighton bathers!

Happy Christmas - Sock's off for her Jamie Oliver recipe mulled wine!


Plant Mad Nige said...

Gracious, I'm freezing by proxy! At those temperatures, my Speedos would have absolutely nothing left to hide.

Did you see the zillions of starlings going to roost in the other pier? Do they still do that in Brighton.

A retired police lady who spent most of her career in Brighton said it was 'nothing but piers, queers and racketeers,' which I thought was a bit damning.

Think I must go and have a hot bath at once. Brrrrr!

Arabella Sock said...

I've seen the starlings many times in the past - I must remember to photograph them whilst what is left of the West Pier is still standing.
I'll post my pictures of the West pier burning down sometime - very sad.

Retired police lady is a bit out-of-date, we now only have one and a bit piers, racketeers I can't speak for but certainly plenty of queers. Brighton is a very gay town in every sense which is part of what makes it so vibrant.