Saturday, 19 December 2009

Advent Countdown - December 19th

The Sock has collected all the fallen baby Beardshaws and is keeping them in a gilded cage.  On Chrimbo Day the twenty-four little celestial cherrybums will be released to brighten the sullen skies as they fly in formation back up to Heaven.  Ahhhh.....

Other than that Seasonal Goodwill is short in the Sock household.  Very short.  Very short indeed.  There are several reasons for this but we only have time for

Bah Humbug Number 1.

You may remember the Sock blogging earlier this year about a garden built by guerilla gardeners and used by many in the community of Brighton's Lewes Road area.  There had just been the good news that negotiations with the owner of the derelict site meant that it could be used as a garden until the area was NEEDED for redevelopment.

Now the local freebie newspaper reports that the founders of the garden are preparing to make way for a new Tesco Express!

Unbelievable but only too believably crap! There is already an established sizeable Co-op food shop next door, a Spar more or less opposite, a large Sainsbury's a few 100 metres away, a Marks and Spencers express at the nearby petrol station, not to mention all the smaller local food shops in that vicinity.

The newspaper says that Tesco and Sainsbury's are fighting a turf war.  A  local councillor stated "Any time empty premises become available they are seizing on them and they are getting them.  They are the only ones with the finances."    Whilst other councillors are in opposition they are apparently powerless to stop them. Why?

Sainsbury's are bad enough but the Sock particularly hates Tesco and will never shop there.  Along with the destruction of a beautiful old shop front on the Western Rd. in order to emblazon their blaring Tesco logo all over it, Tesco's has also managed to muscle in on what should have been, one of the prime locations in Brighton.  The new(ish) Design-awarded Jubilee Library  (nice building (if you like that sort of thing) but shame they initially forgot to put any books in) fronts on to what could have been a rather attractive square in the then newly-developed site.

Located between the exotic fantasy of Brighton Pavilion and the eclectic, slightly Bohemian feel of the North Laines with its interesting individual shops, there is a strange and not altogether pleasant juxtaposition on entering the Library area.  Rather like moving from the Medieval Zone to a cheap looking Futuristic/Industrial Zone on the Crystal Maze.  This lack of imagination in the architecture is reflected in the retail premises,  restaurant chains like Carluccio, Yo Sushi and Starbucks.  In a prime situation with its enormous blue logo permanently reflected in the glass walls of the library we have the glory of Pizza Express!  Tesco Express is planted almost opposite.

(Another rant for today was the nasty little 'Christmas Market' pictured above...  'Christmas Market' my arse!  A smell of greasy, cheap, funfair burgers wafted from the vicinity of the sad tat filled chalets!)

Whilst the Sock is tirading away... another thing... Brighton is extremely housing intensive with it's many terraced streets squashed in together, so every little scrap of open space is incredibly valuable for our urban wildlife.  In it's wisdom the Planning Inspectorate, despite years of  campaigning against it, are allowing a development to go ahead on a wildlife site near London Road station which was formerly allotments.

Bah Humbug!  And here is what the Sock thinks should happen to both Tesco's and the Planning Inspectorate!

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VP said...

I can send you 2 real reindeer from the local garden centre's Christmas display if you like. Remember, every little helps!

Arabella Sock said...

The more reindeer poo the better! Let's bury them under it!

Yolanda Elizabet Heuzen said...

Dear Sock, it needs a whole herd of them and once they've done their business you can go Ho ho ho. ;-)

Real pity about that garden.

Carrie said...

Bloody bloody Tescos!!! EVIL I tell you. I think the only thing to do is start to gather like minded people and chain yourselves to the spot; if they want to build a Tesco they'll have to do it around you and the plants. I always thought Brighton was supposed to be a lovely place - seems councils are crap everywhere you go!

Lia Leendertz said...

There was a huge campaign where i live to stop tescos building on a beautiful area of green space, Golden Hill, loads of chaining to trees, camping out and everything, made no difference. Campaigners did get the law changed though so that it was the last urban greenfield site to be built on in this way, but too late for us. Boo hoo. That is rubbish news for you.

Arabella Sock said...

Brighton is still a lovely place Carrie but bit by bit a lot of what is lovely about it is disappearing. The council are rubbish and I think many people have stopped even bothering to campaign about anything because we are just fed

"all lies and jest, still the council hears what it wants to hear and disregards the rest"

(with apologies to Simon and Garfunkel 'The Boxer')