Monday, 25 January 2010

Old MontyDonald Had a Farm Ee Ay Ee Ay Oh! Verse Two

And on that farm he had some sheep Ee Ay Ee Ay Oh!
With a Bah bah here and a pish tush there...

As you might have gathered the Sock finally watched Old MontyDonald's Dream Farm.  There is nothing much the Sock can say that hasn't been more eloquently stated by AA Gill in his article here.

The programme was perfectly pleasant with some perfectly pleasant people in it plus paternalistic Monty Don admonishing the farmer to 'look after his health' which, at least, seemed the one area of this programme in which Monty had some expertise to offer.   Other than that it was a perfectly wasted opportunity.  Had the magnificent and eminently watchable Sarah Raven and Adam Nicolson been planted in the mix she could have bossed everyone into submission whilst Adam waxed lyrical on the joys of the countryside.  Sarah surely wouldn't have winced at the price the dream farmers hoped to sell their wool-filled duvets for.


Plant Mad Nige said...

Didn't watch it. I really can't cope with reality telly type stuff - especially when it's all about a totally unreal world. But I read the thing about Monty in the Daily Mail - which we take on Saturdays, for some obscure reason - and was fascinated, not by him but by the self-deluding suckers who abandoned the 'rat race' for a peaceful country life. Ha bloody ha, is all I can say. And of course, Yah booh sucks!!!!!

Love the sheep all watching Avatar or whatever that new film's called.

Hope your gabions and heucheras are all well.

By the way, I thought Malmaison was a smelly kind of carnation, rather than a shop.

Arabella Sock said...

Well observed Nigel.. I found the picture of the sheep with glasses on the net and upgraded them to 3D ones after seeing Avatar at the weekend.

In fact Avatar and Dream Farm have something in common. In Avatar the natives are running their lives perfectly well without interference until someone comes along to save them and 'teach their grandma to suck eggs' and the same thing happens with Monty turning up to state the bleedin' obvious.

I had Dream Farm hoped it would provide the sly amusement that Sarah Raven's 'Sissinghurst' did but it is all something and nothing really.

My gabion is empty but I do have a marvellous new idea for it later this year which I know you will love!

Ryan said...

Enjoyed the post your royal sockiness.

I have to say I'm with Mr Colborn on this one. I couldn't bring myself to watch another show of this ilk.

Along a similar line to what the amazing A.A. Gill wrote (How great is this man? Welsh slurs aside) Monty has jumped on the 'lets-have-a-go-at-farming' wagon like so many others before him. Not new, not exciting and definitely not inspiring.

But anywho, I didn't watch it, so who am I to comment?

Are the sheep watching Ava-baa? Sorry, but I couldn't help it.


Rob said...

There are other, far more lovely lovely programmes, on other channels.

elizabethm said...

I did watch it, mainly because I like Monty. They were good people I thought and hard workers so good luck to them. Monty is not a farmer though and it was all a bit bland and stating the obvious.
Never read anything in the Daily Mail would be my mantra. Turns all its readers into miserable ranting cardigan wearers by some magic osmosis.
I might watch again with the sound turned down because I like his face.

Ryan said...

Whoa, whoa whoa!

What's wrong with cardigans?! And there I was thinking I was all fashionable! lol

Arabella Sock said...

Er... Ryan, this cardigan doesn't happen to be a cream Aran one with a collar and belt does it?

Liked the Avabaa joke though..

Fat Rascal said...

I watched it because I knew you'd blog about it!

I think "dream" is definitely the operative word, and it would give the lie to the term "reality" show.

The airy fairiness was emphasised by colours - the bluest of blue skies, the greenest of lush pastures and the creamy fluffiness of the expensive duvets.

I liked the way the jerkin congratulated himself on the sagacity of his own advice. He was very proud of telling them to get piggy wiggies and the fact that the piggy wiggies were still alive and running around on his return visit proved that his idea had been a roaring success! I think he'd also warned them that winter would come -what a genius!

Anonymous said...

Dear Arabella,

Not having a television I mercifully missed this programme [along with what I suspect is thousands of hours of worthless viewing]. I have also never stayed in an NH hotel and am very surprised that you moved on from Claridges. How unwise.

Although new to your postings, I do wonder about your having a television at all since they are so difficult to incorporate successfully into the drawing room. My young Brighton friends, T and G, keep theirs in the kitchen where they appear to live most of the time - another depressing phenomenon of life in the twenty-first century. I do so hope that this is not the same with you.

Prickly Cactus said...

I recorded My Dream Farm but, almost one week on, I still can't face watching it. There's always something far more interesting to do, like hoover out the car, or watch paint dry.