Monday, 15 February 2010

The Orchids cling in rose and purple spheres


Around the pillars of the palm-tree bower
The orchids cling, in rose and purple spheres;
Shield-broad the lily floats; the aloe flower
Foredates its hundred years.

                                                               Bayard Taylor

Greetings Sockwatchers - the Sock has been busy on other projects and despite having a head full of ideas for the SOIG hasn't had time to blog them yet.  In the meantime you will have to make do with plant pictures or in this case the orchids the Socks saw at Kew last weekend.  Kew's outdoor landscape - sky the dingy colour of underwear long, long, past it's bright and white days, gardens drained and grey reflecting the Sock's winter SAD - couldn't have been in more marked contrast to the bright, bold, beauty of the orchid filled Princess of Wales glasshouse.  The Sock isn't usually so keen on the alluring artifice of orchids but the cacophony of colour did much to lift her mood.

These big-chin orchids always remind the Sock of Bruce Forsythe.

Tunnels of hanging orchids to wander through.

Crazy clash of colours - but somehow it works.  Nah! it doesn't.

Sock's favourite - love the colour.


James A-S said...

I am never absolutely sure that I approve of orchids.
They are definitely not terribly British - but neither is Grace Kelly or Pasta e Fagiole but I thoroughly approve of them.
Perhaps their shapes are too outlandish - as you so rightly point out they often mimic the shapes of various Celebrity appendages. I have, perhaps, never recovered from a swimming holiday I spent with Matthew Wilson. I well remember Matthew standing next to this fine specimen ( while wearing a pair of Speedos he had borrowed from Chris Beardshaw.

Plant Mad Nige said...

Arabella - where did you find that pome? I think Bayard Taylor has made a booboo. It's an agave that allegedly takes the 100yrs to flower, not an aloe.

Lovely green and purple thingy at the top - looks like an odontoglossom type job.

James - What about truly British orchids? They're lovely, especially Lizard Orchids, Bee Orchids, Lady Orchids, Military Orchids - not to mention the Twayblades, Lady's Tresses and Green Man Orchids.

Though I have to say, our Man Orchids are a bit under endowed whereas the Orchis italica is positively rude - but the Italians were ever boastful. Indeed, I hear a rumour that the name is soon to be changed to Orchis berlusconii - but perhaps that's a load of balls - geddit?

Arabella Sock said...

I just googled for 'orchid quotes' and found it on this site.


I've never heard of Bayard Taylor before and further googling implies that he was not necessarily that well thought of - probably because he got his facts wrong on the flower front!

James, trust Matthew Wilson to come up with the concept of an 'orchid dong thong' (one presumes it was Orchid italica). He's always got to go that little bit too far!