Saturday, 20 March 2010

Ask Arabella - a question of couture

Whilst the Sock wouldn't normally reply to correspondence whilst on holiday, staff at the SOIG offices felt that these letters smacked of desperation and faxed them out to Paris for the Sock's urgent attention.

Dear Arabella 

In order to improve my TV image I took some advice from Sarah Raven and have been wearing my new expensive  DuBarry boots and Belstaff (belted) Jacket to do the show.  Now people are saying I look inexplicably weird!  Why do I always get it so wrong and what fashion tips can you give me to get back on track.



AS replies...

Dear TB

I'm afraid you do look a bit ridiculous but don't worry - it isn't too late.  You could do worse than  take a leaf out of Matthew Wilson's book - a man who knows how to perfectly present his proportions in the best possible light.

Regards Arabella

Dear Arabella 

Private and extremely confidential

My forthcoming gardening series has been heavily publicized and knowing that the public have huge expectations of me I have become very anxious and have been seeking comfort in Ginster's pasties.  I bought some new boots (DuBarry) and a Belstaff jacket to do the show in - do you think I am going to look all right? I need re-assurance from the Sockanista.




AS replies

Oh dear......

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jro said...

I thought the jacket a little oddly-shaped - or was it just the wearer? It reminded me of norfolk jackets. So last century, dahling.

As for MW - he can wear whatever he likes, as long as his SClub7 tattoo is visible....