Sunday, 14 March 2010

Beardshaw Bottles it!

Sorry - that title should have read Bottled Beardshaws but it dragged you over here didn't it?  Anyway not to be outdone by the inestimable Ryan of the eponymously named garden blog. The Sock is also giving away a fabulous prize that is bound to cheer your Mother up on this Sunday.

Those of you whose short term memories aren't shot to pieces already will recall that the Sock had a load of Beardshawettes left-over from last year's Advent Calendar.  Well, the Sock has rounded those up and added a few more she found floating about in the SOIG and bottled them!!! All you have to do is guess how many Beardshawettes there are in the bottle.

The contestant who guesses closest to the correct number of cherubBeardshawbims  wins this fabulous book!!!!!

The bottled Beardshaws will be auctioned off at the Malvern show and proceeds from the sale will go to supporting 'Our Lady of the Lost Socks' in her charity work.


VP said...

Those of us wishing to play, but NOT win the book might just make the most of outrageous of guesses. For example:

minus 549 ;)

Ryan said...

Good morning Arabella. Thanks for the mention. The winner is about to be announced on my blog for those interested.

I will follow VP and guess at minus 20,000

Ryan ;)

Karen - An Artist's Garden said...

1, Arabella - definitely just 1!

Am I right? Did I win? Did I win?

James A-S said...

Other people are not taking this very seriously. I am particularly disappointed in VP who I always considered to be of a scientific bent.
I have worked out a formula

A(Bx6) - x(≠πº +√y) =
A = surface area of one naked Beardshaw
B= Lollipops in Jar
x= Cats
y= Organic mulch

Using this formula IU can safely say that the answer is:


Aleksandr said...

Eets simples.
Count the wings and divide by two.

93 and a half.

Roland said...

As 1 has been taken, I'll have a stab at 2. I hope I've got it right. I'm running short of good paper to start the fire.

jro said...

I'm not even trying. It's too risky.

Arabella Sock said...

Pssst.. keep this secret but I am giving the prize to Rob as I got the feeling nobody else really wanted it. Also he was most likely to send me the fiver. Obviously if anyone thinks this is unfair I will send the book to them instead!!!! Whatever you do... don't let on to Rob.