Thursday, 20 May 2010

Chelsea gets the 3 men treatment

Don't miss another fantabulous production from 3 Men Went to Mow.

3Men went to Chelsea

Just in case you are confuzzled the Sock doesn't make  the 3Men... films! The Sock just puts links on her blog to stuff that is funny so that her dear readers don't miss out on treats elsewhere.

The Sock did make the 'Malvern Movie' (see post below) which is obviously even funnier!


gardenlife said...

Totally, utterly brilliant Ms Sock..I will look at the gardens with new eyes!!

Arabella Sock said...

Hi gardenlife

The 3 Men Went to Chelsea movie is brilliant but unfortunately it isn't one of mine (I wish).

James, Cleve and Joe have made a whole series of '3 men' movies which you can check out on their blogs or on youtube - search for 'Three Men Went to Mow'.

gardenlife said...

oops! Yes, confuzzled is a very good description, I have been enjoying your sock productions so much I assumed you had branched out to filming our beloved garden celebs..thanks for the nod in their direction