Wednesday, 5 May 2010

MAKE YOUR VOTE COUNT!!! Clash of the Titans

Some of you may have realised that there is an incredibly important event taking place this week, one that we all have a duty as right-thinking citizens to participate in!

Yes - on Sunday at 7.00pm on Channel 4** Landscape Man (aka Ted the Badger) goes head to head with the frontman for B&Q the one, the only, the unutterably ubiquitous Sir*** Alan Titchmarsh's new vehicle 'The Seasons' on ITV1

You the viewer can make YOUR choice, by pressing YOUR channel button on Sunday to show what We the viewing public really, really want.

Will it be gorgeous, hunky, manly Matthew Wilson (aka the poor woman's Antonio Banderas) demonstrating his prowess moving mountains with machinery?  This is a man who knows how to dig!!!!!

Do we dig him? Yes we do!!!

Or Titchmarsh waffling on about the passing seasons and fishing for sad old trout.

Come on down the choice is yours!

Please cast your pre-viewing vote in the
 poll box to the right!

** The Sock is informed that despite what is printed in the Radio Times Landscape Man is on as usual this Thursday May 6th at 8.00pm and then goes head to head with Alan Titchmarsh on Sunday 16th May nine days later.
I should just set the damn thing on record series and hope for the best!!

*** Only a matter of time shurely?


LittleGreenFingers said...

Ahem... I think you mean 'the accessible Antonia Banderas'. Poor woman's indeed! Never have such riches been known...

green seeds said...

watch mr T on itv1 then turn over to C4+1 to watch landscape man problem solved

Plant Mad Nige said...

This is obviously a 'woman' thing which I don't really understand. Smashing JCB, though. Phhoooaaarrr! And not so much as a speck of mud on it yet!!!

Fat Rascal said...

I can't vote in either election but I can record/series link both gardening progs.

It would be good to do that with politicians too - fast forward the bits you don't like and press the mute button when they're spouting bollox. Change sides as soon as you've had enough...this analogy is running away with me.

Arabella Sock said...

THis is dreadful -- people are voting for the wrong candidate!!! A terrible portent of what will happen tomorrow. Really people should have an IQ test before voting! Pfft!

Hello Nige - The Landscape Man series is entirely about men and their JCBs. The bigger the JCB the more of a man you get. The women stand in the background eating cupcakes and chocolate and phoning their friends to say "He's on that bloody digger again".

Personally I quite fancy working a crane.

jro said...

Green seeds, that is just wrong.

Watch Landscape Man, then catch up with AT on ITVplayer ONLY if there is absolutely nothing else to watch and you have seen all the CSIs already.

Yan said...

Nige, darling, just class it with Heucheras, you'll be fine.

I've been away for a bit, have I missed Heathcliff and the Bomb or is that still to come?

Madame Sock, the JAS hat looks enormous on you. Are you particularly petite or has James got a big head? Just asking ...

I wish I was at Malvern. Sigh.

Have just noticed my word is 'pashable'. Hmm.

Yolanda Elizabet Heuzen said...

What's that Ted the Badger thingy all about then? Am Dutch and blond so what do I know?

Read somewhere that said Badger looks remarkably like Gordon Brown. Surely this can't be right as nobody would watch his programme, ever!!!! JCB's notwithstanding.

Arabella Sock said...

Hi Yan

Malvern was good but absolutely freezing!! I have become a southern softie I think. I had to turn the seat heater up to full in the Sockmobile just to thaw my bum out!

I do have a small head but I have a lot of hair on it!

Yolanda - we are all confused about Badgerman. It started when a newspaper article ages ago referred to Matthew Wilson as "Heathcliff of the Hedgerows". Since then everyone has been trying to find a new angle on him
including referring to him as
"gardening's Mr. Darcy" and
"an accessible Antonia Banderas".

One article referred to him as

"Tall, dark and handsome, with a smattering of badger-like grey at the tips of his wavy locks..."

and that is why he got the name Badgerman or Ted the Badger.

Anyway the results!! Despite my telling people what to do we still have a substantial minority voting for Titchmarsh but at least Matthew won!

HappyMouffetard said...

I quote...
"Anyway the results!! Despite my telling people what to do we still have a substantial minority voting for Titchmarsh but at least Matthew won!"

Arabella, the widget tells me that there are still some hours to go before voting closes. Are you trying to rig the election? ;-)