Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Oh Yes You're Beautiful, Beautiful, Didn't I tell you?

The Sock was just making her way to the Chelsea Champagne tent for a top up when who should she spot but Landscape Man striding manfully down the Eastern Avenue.  Rather than get a sneaky pap pic, the Sock decided to just pose as another star smitten stalker and ask him directly if she could take his photo for her bloggywog!  Ooops.. Matthew wasn't fooled and knew A Sock when he saw one but nevertheless he helpfully removed his dark glasses and smiled nicely for the picture before saying "You are always cruel to me - I'll bet that will turn up with a caption 'Who ate all the pies'!"

As if the Sock would do something as childish as that!

It is a rather lovely picture of Matthew Wilson and gives lie to the rumour going around that he is still using that ancient picture of himself  (you know the one, blue jacket, green background) because in more recent ones he is beginning to look a bit frazzled - or does the Sock mean grizzled.

Anyway enjoy the picture because we are going to have to wait a while to see him again in the next series of Landscape Man.


jro said...

It's a lovely photo, but do I detect a slight hint of anxiety behind that smile?

He's a brave man!

Yan said...

I expect it will be tuppence to talk to you now you have been up close and personal with The Landscape Man. What a nice picture and how clever of you to get him to write his own caption!

Love the new outfit and it will be useful for Wimbledon, too.

Lia Leendertz said...

Poor, gorgeous Matthew! How can you be so mean?! Pies indeed. I am glad he caught you out you cruel, cruel sock.

Anonymous said...

He does indeed look very anxious!
But brave and manly etc etc.

EB said...

Am v v jealous - by far the most attractive man I've seen re gardens. Ta for the photo :)

VP said...

We saw him later giving a conducted tour, so perhaps he was a bit nervous!

Patient Gardener was gobsmacked he knew who we both were!

emmat said...

Who's been eating all the pies?