Monday, 19 July 2010

Gardeners Re-Imagined

The Sock is back with  a little quizette for you...

Which 1980's TV series has been re-imagined in  the following Sockmovie - speakers on and volume up..

clic for the flic


Simon said...

Butterflies ?, The Princess and the (is a) Frog ? Oh gawd I haven't got a clue

NewShoot said...

Don't make me angry - you wouldn't like me when I'm angry! Hulk?

Arabella Sock said...

You two are hopeless! I thought everyone would know this one - well everyone who was sentient in the early 80's.

Another clue - it got remade in 2009 but I don't think the remake was shown in the UK

Simon said...

Well thank-you very much for the encouragement - I wasn't awake in the '80s so it's all guesswork.
Two more (guesses) and one cheap jibe.

1. Little House on the Prairie
2. Beauty & the Beast
3. Count Duckula ( starring cricketer extraordinaire, Mr. M.Diacono)

That's my lot.

Arabella Sock said...

Count Duckula is close... but unfortunately wrong!

I spent the entire 1980s watching Dallas and yet I still remember this TV series.. so no excuses.

HappyMouffetard said...

What a Very Vivid imagination you have Ms Sock.

The guinea pig scene always stuck in my mind most.

Arabella Sock said...

HappyM, At last someone who has got it!
I did think about recreating the guinea pig scene.. actually I still might do it as a finale.

Simon said...

Freddie Star - Hamster (on menu)
Fawlty Towers - Hamster (Siberian)
Top Gear - Hamster (small person)
Babe - Ham Star
Tales of the Riverbank - Hammy the Hamster (who was in fact a water rat)

Yup I can remember any number of hamsters but guinea pigs - I remain stumped

A wild stab in the dark -

If I mentioned Diana the hungry alien would I be any closer ?

p.s. wv = "pregoda" - the foundations for an oriental tower.

Roland Paterson said...

ABC remake????

I never saw her as a lizard, but now can't get the image out of my mind......


Trisha xx said...

It's on the tip of my tongue! ... do you actually want the answer yet? (loved that very silly)

Arabella Sock said...

I loved the series too - as you all eventually guessed it was Diana the Lizard Queen from 'V'.

I took the photos of Rachella presenting from one of the gardens and I was actually struck, not just by her beauty, but a certain reptilian coldness in her eyes. Hee hee!

Weeping Sore said...

Joanie Loves Chachi?

yan said...

I was nearly first with the answer (well, I would say that, but I was)but wasn't at home so couldn't reply!

Love the new outfit,by the way.

Plant Mad Nige said...

I must have had a culturally deprived childhood. The only thing I could think of was Quatermass.

LOVE the daisy and hat. Brings out the cashmere a treat.

jro said...

I knew it was 'V' as soon as I saw the clip!

I loved that series. It was on very late at night, though.