Saturday, 24 July 2010

Litigation, Litigation, Litigation

The Sock knew there was trouble ahead the minute she read about 'Bloatergate', where porky presenter Eamonn Holmes has wrung an apology  from the ballsless BBC after he called in his lawyers to complain about  being represented as an overeating lard arse on the Impressions Show.  Apparently it wasn't the joke that upset Holmes but the fact it was a 'running gag'!

So no surprise then to find three letters from Porkis, Lyes and Phibbs (or should that be Porkers, Lyes and Phibbs ha ha!) solicitors had arrived on the SOIG doormat this morning.  Here is just one example of what we could call 'Perfectly-formed-but-SMALL-gate' (clic on pic to enlarge)

The other letters appear to represent one M.Wilson in what we can only describe as 'Ginstergate' and a
C. Walkden 'enormously-irritating-like-someone-clawing-their-nails-down-a-chalkboard-gate'.

 Unlike the BBC the Sock refuses to cave in to this legal pressure and has

just one thing to say to these people


Yan said...

I think it must be a hoax, so pay no attention. How could Christine be in amongst the fragrant MW and the CB?

HappyMouffetard said...

And you'll soon enough get another letter from the solicitors representing the guinea-pig eating rose obsessive...