Wednesday, 20 October 2010

By popular request.....

According to the divine James Alexander Sinclair "there are not nearly enough blogposts where we find you you lying in luxuriously enbubbled baths"*.  So in order to remedy the shortfall we have 'FISH SPA'!!!

In their ongoing mission to "do things that we will in all likelihood never do again" the Socks saw a Fish Spa in San Sebastian and immediately booked foot therapy sessions.  For the uninitiated the procedure is as follows

1) Clean feet in vibrating foot bath
2) Immerse feet in warmish tank of fish
3) Allow fish to nibble away all the deadskin and gunk off your feet
4) For a small extra fee afterwards you can have the fish fried up and served with an aioli as tapas

It was interesting to note that whilst the fish in the Sock's tank went beserk nibbling at her tootsies, the Bedsock's tank didn't seem so interested. Theories as to why this might have been include:

1) The Socks feet offered more tasty dead skin for the fishies
2) The Bedsock's feet retained a slight (but offputting) aroma of Tea Tree oil
3) The fish were already full after lunching on someone elses feet

It was quite a pleasant sensation - a bit like having a small electric current humming through.  It seems that the fish only do feet which quite frankly is probably just as well.


* see comments on previous post


fer said...

I have always wanted to try this. I have heard they left your feet feeling great.

VP said...

I saw that on a news item from the States quite a while ago and thought it unbelievable that someone had come up with the idea.

Tell me, was it an effective treatment or a load of old haddock?

Ms B said...

I suspect it's a load of codswallop!

James A-S said...

I suspect, Ms B, that if they were actual cod nibbling on Madam Sock's finely sculpted toes that she might have lost a bit more than just her rough skin*

*Although I am reluctant to believe that she has ever had any rough skin

Arabella Sock said...

Hi fer, we only had a very short session just to try it out. It was pleasant and relaxing but I think a proper foot massage is actually nicer.

They are actually intending to open Fish Spas in Brighton and other parts of the country.

James, my feet are now as smooth as a baby's bottom.

Karen - An Artist's Garden said...

The fishes would go mad on my feet and probably explode with such a big meal of gruesome rough skin

Mind you I suppose it is only the same as the fish who nibble feet while swimming in the sea - its just you cannot see them

maire'smoustache said...

I have been to San Seb many times but never seen this!! Must send OH his feet are vile