Sunday, 22 May 2011

The Bookywook Quiz


Question1: Which of the above authors is the odd one out?

Question2: Match the author to the book description...

How to grow plants in pots - Loads of lovely pictures (as you would expect from Dorling Kindersely), a bit about aeoniums (which convinced the Sock she must have this book) and loads of useful advice for those of us with small gardens who want to grow veg in containers.  Ans: here

This book is the reason why the Sock has ended up with Oca, Achoca and various weird and wonderful herbs and spices growing in her garden.  They had better taste good or there will be complaints! Ans: here

This is an unusual and lovely concept for a book and reminds the Sock how much a garden still has to offer after sundown. Sounds, scents and soft lighting whilst the evening lulls the garden to sleep. A must for those who mainly get to see their garden in the evening.  Ans: here

"Why gardening makes you bad-tempered.." - Calm down dear - it's only gardening! Ans: here

A cabinet full of vegetables...  Ans: here

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Vote BHF said...

Piccy one looks like Toby Buckland with ginger syrup. Have you been photoshopping again ?