Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Chelsea - All Over the Show

The first people the Sock went to see at Chelsea were her lovely pals Sean and Jooles at Heucheraholics! (Actually this isn't quite true the first people the Sock went to see were those stands handing out the champers!)  You should all say hello to Heucheraholics - they are quite mad but you get the warmest of welcomes..

Heucheraholics are always at the RHS shows - in fact they are always everywhere there is absolutly no avoiding them!

Jooles and Jerry Hall

Sean and bezzie mate Babs 


Nigel Havers with umm... Jooles 

Sean steals the scene from LLB..

Bill Bailey and friends

We know who the real Starrs are at Chelsea

Sean and Jooles got Silver Gilt for their heuchera display.  They wuz robbed it should have been gold.
We don't yet know what took the edge off their metal. Could it possibly be to do with the fact that Exhibitors are only allowed one invite to the Gala Night Champagne shindig and  having lost the toss to Sean,  Jooles then tried to hide in the Plant Marquee avoiding the RHS bouncers. Finally she was spotted, found to be ticketless and forcibly ejected (in the nicest possible way) and  left outside to cry into one of the many glasses of champagne passed out to her?


patientgardener said...

great post - saw your mates when I was there but they were knee deep in pots and stuff so didnt want to bother them by trying to explain who I was!!

Anonymous said...

Excellent pic