Thursday, 7 July 2011

Green steals the Scene - RHS Hampton Court II


The Sock realises you have probably had it up to here with Hampton Court by now but this isn't going to stop me posting some more thoughts and pictures.  There is no point in taking a load of photos if I don't do something with them.   Talking of which, the Sock herself got mobbed by the paparazzi at the show..

There was something a bit familiar about them...

The Sock is also convinced that RdeT gave her the 'evils' when she snapped a few long lens photos of the GW team in the RHS Edible Garden.. 

The Sock honestly can't think what might have been done to offend..

Absolute favouritest garden at the show was Picturesque in the Conceptual category and in particular the  'Natural Spheres' display inspired by the Kandinsky's original paintings.  Love the way the alliums and agapanthus have been shaped and placed.

Alliums have had a great year and there are some fantastic varieties available - the Sock hadn't been sure about 'Forelock' until seeing these in the plant marquee.  An unusual shape and bronzey purple head looked like it had been sugar frosted!

There's no-one quite like Grandad... well actually according to the shrieks of one of the small children scattered around the show (who let them in?) David Bellamy looked exactly like his Grandad!  This might be just a fantasy - I'm sure we'd all like a Grandad who looked like David Bellamy.  DB was acting ambassador for Copella's Plant and Protect Campaign to protect English apple trees.

Not sure whether David Domoney had asked Anthea whatshername (who used to do breakfast TV) to be an ambassador for his garden

but as it was entitled the 'Naked Garden' and she once posed naked except for a python then it is a definite possibility.

Greens stole the scene at the show for the Sock who has invariably liked Tony Smith's designs. 'Diamonds and Rust' was no exception. Another Conceptual Garden billed as an horticultural installation it looked deceptively simple but the sculpted lines and colours were very pleasing.

Similarly, The World Vision Garden offered shapes that were strong, elegant and used in an original way.

Oooh look.. it's Mark Diacono and Lia Leendertz enjoying the show... Don't these people ever do any work?

Everyone attending took this photo of the excellent  'Scuse me whilst I kiss the sky' garden and the Sock is no exception.

The Sock will leave you with the luscious greeness of a lettuce display..

 Just noticed there are a couple of strange people lurking in the background.  Surely that chap isn't wearing sunglasses on his head? Clic on the pic to enlarge...


VP said...

It was great to see David Bellamy - one of my childhood heroes. Did you try the apple and mint juice on the Copella stand? Surprisingly good!

Arabella Sock said...

I think I had everything but the apple and mint juice from the Copella Stand - I grabbed some juice every time I wandered past!

Apologist said...

Just to say the NoW story took 2nd place for this reader.

BTW have you ever seen Alys Fowler & Rebekah Wade/Brookes (or Woods if your name is Lord Prescott)in the same room.

Just saying.

Victoria said...

Lovely Alys Fowler and that witch Rebekah Wade? What a frightful thought.
Last I heard this evening, the NOTW journos were getting up a lynch mob, so here's one thing you'll never see - Rebekah in the same room as a bunch of enraged Screws staffers.
Re Rachella, that is DEFINITELY an evil glare.

VP said...

Did you spot the irony of your last pic and the time of posting...

... it's Rebekah's Vegetable Seeds isn't it?

Sheila Averbuch said...

Am I the only one who thinks Monty is looking unwell again?

Spook update please. If he couldn't make it to Hampton Court, did you bring him something back to fetch?

Sheila Averbuch - Stopwatch Gardener