Wednesday, 14 September 2011

That's the Wonder of Wisley

Guess whose phone this is... answer revealed later on.

Thursday morning at 7.00 am saw the Sock at RHS Wisley waiting for a Press breakfast meeting at 9.00am. The Bedsock had issued dire warnings that setting off to do the 50 minute journey from Brighton any time later than 6.00am would mean being stuck in traffic for hours and that all the breakfast buns would have been scoffed by the time the Sock arrived! Frankly, the Sock thinks this was just a bit of unnecessary scaremongering from the Bedsock in order that she could be forced to share the ungodly hour known as the 'crackov' that he greets for his almost daily commute. Rather than arrive late the Sock arrived 2 hours early, whiling away the time by driving around lost in the various empty car parks - a trick that fellow blogger  VP repeated shortly afterwards when she arrived from Chippenham.

The Sock is always very pleased and excited to be invited to these Press things and as if the lure of coffee and pastries wasn't enough the RHS had laid on Landscape Man too!

Lovely Landscapeman - he cheered up when he spotted the Sock!

The RHS Wisley Flower show comes just at the right time to reignite all that plant passion that has faded and drooped during the August slump. About forty or so specialist nurseries and garden trade stands exhibited their wares in mini marquees edging the pathways that curve around the lawns leading to the Glass House.

Vibrant display from Hart Cannas

The Sock wanted to stop at all of them and Shop, Shop, Shop! but this pleasure had to be deferred as we were on a short tour of Wisley delights guided by the infectiously enthusiastic Colin Crosbie.

OHMIGOD! Wheelies at Wisley! What is the world coming to?

No one needs to 'sell' Wisley to the Sock, she already adores it and despite regular visits over more than 15 years doesn't believe that she has seen everything it has to offer yet! Sue Biggs, the newish Director General of the RHS, told us that membership has grown substantially in the past year (pretty good going in an economic downturn) and this doesn't surprise the Sock as out of all her various society memberships (National Trust, Wildlife trust etc.) the RHS is the one she gets most out of. Also, Old Ma Sock was so impressed when told that the Sock was a "Member of the RHS" that she proudly announced it to all her friends as if the Sock had been invited to be a member of some elite club!  [That having been said, once when Old Ma Sock was extolling the virtues of some neighbours child I made the mistake of asking what she told these people about me. "I tell them you're rich and living in Brighton" Old Ma Sock replied. "But I'm not rich" I protested "couldn't you think of something nice but true to say about me?". She pondered for all of twenty seconds and then answered "No" .]

It was interesting to see the Piet Oudolf borders again, the colours and form in this picture remind the Sock of an Impressionist painting

We were invited to taste some of the interesting apple varieties grown at Wisley.
Mmmmm.... tasty!!!

Oh and of course the phone cover - it was indeed Matthew Wilson's and whilst the Sock wanted to believe the cover was a tribute to her, the truth was the sock belonged to his little boy.. sweet.

After viewing the Robert Myers garden (described in an earlier blog  here) and yet more lovely borders

the Sock returned to wander around the Flower show itself. Interspersed around the plant stalls were stands selling delicious cakes, tea and coffees and even barbequed sausages. If it wasn't for the fact that the Sock had already eaten Wisley Banana cake in the crowded cafe whilst having a chatty lunch with VP, she would have felt compelled to partake of these delights.

Stands that particularly caught the Sock's eye (apologies for lack of names too excited to take notes)

this display with a lovely autumnal feel to it

How bright is this dahlia?!!(Rose Cottage Plants)

Not as bright as this one!!

This lovely delphinium is (I believe) Crystal Fountain - one that the Sock ordered from major supplier online earlier in the year only to be supplied with duff plants.  [Note to self - order from smaller specialist nurseries in future...]

These rather attractive and unusual 'pocket vases' from Ikebana Pots

Of course no show is complete for the Sock without seeing the happy smiling faces of Heucheraholics (although in this case it nearly wasn't complete as they only got a stall at the last minute but went on to win Best in Show!!!!).  If you missed seeing Heucheraholics they are having an open day this Sunday 18th September details here.

Surely now they can afford a new till!

This was the first time the Sock had attended this particular Wisley Flower Show but it will be a must do in years to come.  Check out the RHS website for more Wonders at Wisley, the Taste of Autumn
Festival and the Tree themed week at October half term where kids (but unfortunately not grown up kids :( ) can join in tree climbing activities.


VP said...

Thank you for writing up our day properly - it turns out we weren't the only ones who got lost driving around the car parks ;)

So you think your appeal to the lovely Colin (Wisley's curator BTW for those who don't know, nothing like going straight to the top with your 'complaint' is there) re adults wanting to climb the trees as well has fallen on deaf ears?

EWG said...

Love your description of Old Ma Sock - is she related to BBC Miranda's mother? I think we should be told. Quite agree about Wisley, if only I could get to this wonderful garden more often

vijay shukla said...

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My Dirty Life said...

OMG, can't believe I missed that!! Brilliant write up, will go next time. Sorry for late comment, catching up on blogs.