Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Ladies who Launch - My Cool Allotment


Lia signs a copy of My Cool Allotment for Helen Reeley

First book launch of the year and it's the lovely Lia Leendertz's My Cool Allotment with photos by the handsome and debonair Mark Diacono.

Er.. not really Mark.. No..

After a harrowing few weeks of various disasters chez Sock I was glad to escape from Sock Towers and catch the train to London to meet the LazyTrollop for a couple of stiff G&Ts at the Jugged Hare (our favourite post RHS-London Halls-events pub) before travelling only slightly south of the river to the Garden Museum the venue for Lia and Mark's book launch.  I have a suspicion this is only my second social event of this year - the other also involving Lia during a thoroughly enjoyable evening at Lia and Juliet's Supper Club where we dined on beautifully cooked produce from Lia's allotment.

So Lia knows her allotment stuff pretty well and Mark is a dab hand at capturing the essence of a place with his camera. Working together they toured various interesting and inspirational allotments and community gardens in the UK and Europe and this is the result - a good partnership producing a great book which is already at the top of the gardening book charts!

The lovely Juliet and vibrant Anne Marie

After such a long hard winter the last few days have bought some warmth and sunshine and the chance for a jolly meet up with some old friends and make some new ones was well overdue.
And what a jolly evening it was - a real sense of Spring and love in the air - at least that was how I felt after partaking in several more glasses of wine.

 And what could be better than a good laugh! Our first meeting with twitter friend Petra Hoyer Millar who laughed at all our jokes! What more could you ask for? I hope LazyTrollop didn't nick that copy of the book she's making off with...

Laughing Trollop and Petra HM

 And old friends Michelle Chapman, Rob Stacewicz, Anne Marie Powell are not impressed by the size of James Wong's carrot!

James certainly seemed to think it was Spring! What happened to ne'er cast a clout til May is out?

There were more lovely ladies, glamorous Laetitia Maklouf with daughter and the gorgeous Sarah Salway who Lazy Trollop and I voted our new crush

Laetitia & Sarah

and I finally met Emma Townshend who was around in my earliest blogging days and was instrumental in creating a fun and interactive blogging community!

Emma  Townshend and RobStacewitz

And there was cake - because there always must be cake! Lia had made it and very good it was too fittingly decorated with little marzipan carrots! I ate lots - even on top of all the G&Ts and wine.

We do so enjoy a good book launch!  LazyTrollop, Ms. Reeley and I are setting ourselves up as 'Ladies who Launch' (a great name isn't it and we thought it up all by ourselves!). We are available to liven up any book launch as long as there are interesting people, free booze and food.  If we like your book as much as we like 'My Cool Allotment' that will be a bonus all round!


James A-S said...

Oh lordy, I wish I had been there.
I expect it felt a bit flat in my absence.
It is a fine book and I would have liked to have seen all those people.

AnnMarie has got very grown up hair.

Please bear in mind that Petra is a bit foreign and she may well have been laughing at your jokes in a spirit of bewildered politeness.

Simon.S said...

We "borrowed" a copy of the book and were mentally ticking off the allotment owners in attendance. That was until we were reminded that the books were on sale and should not be soiled by Sauvignon blanc stained fingers. A very good do, enjoyed equally by organisers and attendees

VP said...

'Ladies who launch'. That is pure genius :) So glad to see yesterday has perked you up no end.

It was a fab do wasn't it? I too was very pleased to meet Sarah at last.

Wish I'd known you were all at the Jugged Hare - we flopped around at the cafe outside the Royal Festival Hall beforehand instead. We sat outside! With our coats OFF! And to think we were still in thermals this time last week.

Goodness. JAS' new Avatar has just flashed into view. Those are very white teeth.

Anonymous said...

The 'ladies who launch' will be the first to get invites if my publishers ever consider me worthy of a book launch. I wouldn't hold your breaths though. Looks like a good do and disappointed we couldn't make it but I'm locked in my study at the moment with my own deadline looming. Wellyman was stuck on-call too. Look at all that gorgeous cake.

Ms B said...

You promised you would photoshop any photos of me.

We are getting well practised in the launching business; guaranteed to get your publication off with a bang & a hiccup.

Shame we didn't meet all those people we failed to meet; they don't know what they were missing.

LittleGreenFingers said...

I am still in a sulk that I couldn't come - but thank you for the Pap shots - not only does it give me a sense of the occasion it also feels like I've been given a free copy of Heat magazine (although admittedly a horticultural version that would probably include Titchmarsh as "Torso of the Week" and an in depth analysis of Rachel de Thame's weekly wardrobe choices.

Arabella Sock said...

James! Were you not there? Sadly Matthew Wilson wasn't either - we were gutted!

Petra is a bit Dutch as far as I know and they have a marvellous sense of humour and know a lot about tulips.

You are right Simon it was really good that the allotment owners turned up as well as us professional launch goers. All very inspiring.

Wellywoman - just name the date!

Ms B. - Ahem.. I have photoshopped it!

Dawn - I've come late to this in life but I do think I have found my forte. Papping pics of gardeners - who'd have thought?

Helen said...

I was at a friend's book launch last night. May I join the launchettes? We just need to build a little footbridge over the Atlantic. Small detail.

Anonymous said...

What a great way to incorporate more cake, wine and gardeners into your day.
You could extend to boat launches too, when the book launches are thin on the ground?

Arabella Sock said...

Helen of course you can join the Launchettes - we can make it an international group! Boat launches, book launches, we'll launch ourselves into the whole thing!

Petra Hoyer Millar said...

Mr JAS is correct.. I no speeky Hingrish...

Debs Dust Bunny said...

Golly, all those gardening gurus and cake! It's enough to make a country bumpkin want to pack up and go back to the City and gate crash the party. : )

I hope you Launch again soon! Looks like great fun.