Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Photographing the Most Handsome Man at RHS Chelsea!

Ha ha! You thought this was another Matthew Wilson post didn't you (see last blog). Well you're wrong!  This is about my attempts to photograph David Gandy - the most famous male model in the world - who was being touted around Press Day. When I say touted, it looked to me like his agents were escorting him around expecting him to pose provocatively for photos and be mobbed by press. In general this didn't seem to happen so perhaps he just happens to like gardening and was with his Mum.  Some of you may remember David Gandy from the fashion parade part of the Olympics closing ceremony, along with Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell and others. There was a certain amount of twitter flak about these 'vacuous' people being paraded amongst our heroic athletes but I have to disagree.  These supermodels are one of our most famous and biggest exports and - knowing as much about the modelling industry as anyone who watched eighteen series of America's Next Top Model before finally finding it just too excruciating, can - I would say it takes a lot of skill and hard work for these top models to perfect their art.  Also I read an article about David Gandy where he came across as an intelligent and grounded guy who just happens to have the kind of interesting and chiselled face that cameras love.  Except for my camera. Clearly there is something wrong with it!

Having seen David Gandy in the kind of glossy magazines that I only read at the hairdressers I felt quite excited at seeing him in the flesh and felt sure I would get a good photo - I was so wrong.  This is how not to do it..

Photo Fail 1 - Spot your celeb but have the wrong lens on.

This wasn't really my fault. Last year I got the Bedsock in with me as my camera carrying man and he proved a true paparazzi, roaming the show with the long lens and getting some great pics.  This year he wasn't able to come and as I couldn't carry two heavy cameras I kept having to swap the lens which takes forever..

Photo Fail 2 - I swapped the lens but in my haste put it on the wrong setting. However I got quite a nice picture of the ginger woman's hair.

I gave up at this point as I didn't want to look like a stalking madwoman even if it was true.

Photo Fail 3 A bit later I saw Gandy again in the marquee.  I circled round a few stalls to get him from the front but spent so long messing with my camera settings that I failed to get a picture at all.  A nice young woman at a nearby stand asked me who he was - I explained and said I didn't like to be too pushy getting photos. She suggested that I had failed at that too as I had just stuck the camera in his face, so I'm not really sure what happened there.

Later in the day the real cameramen caught up with him so here was my ideal opportunity to get a picture.

Photo Fail 4 - I blame the fact that Mark Diacono forced me to drink several of the cocktails he had muddled on the Pennard Plants stall.  Nice shot of the cameraman's back though.

Photo Fail 5 - I tried again. I honestly don't think that this was his best angle

Photo - not quite such a fail 6.  - This was my best shot. 

On inspection I'm wondering if actually Matthew Wilson is the better looking bloke after all.  Maybe I'll just stick to photographing him in future.

Matthew Wilson


VP said...

Never heard of him. I am so last year :(

Anonymous said...

I assumed it was going to be a picture of me... but then I remembered I didn't go. :) Next time I need to contrive a way to get in.

WW was most upset to miss Cleve.

Sarah Salway said...

You have just made me laugh out loud! Although I might be competing with you for 'Matthew stalker' - I think I frightened him a bit by popping up and introducing myself at Gardeners Question time last weekend.

Anonymous said...

I've never heard of him either. Can't say he does it for me. I think I prefer the rugged look of Landscape Man. ;)As OH says I was rather gutted to discover Cleve West was there but I didn't get a chance to see him. It was funny to see the press photographers spot someone famous. To be honest half the time I didn't have a clue who they were shoving their camera in front. I think Ben Fogle might have thought I was stalking him. He was everywhere I went.

Arabella Sock said...

VP - I got fascinated watching these 'modelling' reality shows.. not by all the silly antics but by how, sometimes quite odd looking, people are so striking in photos. Now I tend to flick thru magazines paying attention to the model photos seeing whether they 'work' or not.

PianoLearner & Wellywoman.. I nearly fell over Cleve as I was wandering around. His fault as he had stopped to talk on his phone although some people seemed to think it was more likely I'd jumped him!

Sarah - I'm sure nobody could be anything but pleased at you popping up in front of him. In Matthew's case he would at least be relieved it wasn't me!

Sarah Salway said...

Haha! Let's go together one day to one of these do's and cause mayhem... We could be the 'pop up girls'.

Arabella Sock said...

You know what Sarah... David Gandy looks like one of my old (as in yonks ago) boyfriends and Matthew Wilson looks like another!!! Spooky eh? They were both reasonably short-lived, angst-laden and ended badly as I remember! LOL

Jo Thompson said...

Can you believe it, I was introduced to David and didn't recognise him. Shook hands, the lot. AND I DIDN'T EVEN REGISTER. Mind you, I also thought Jamie Oliver was Roger Platt's nephew. So that was a successful Press Day.