Friday, 9 September 2016

Buzzed at the Hive


Finally got to see the Hive at Kew Gardens yesterday.  It was quite extraordinary and beautiful.

As we 'listened' to a talk using vibrations instead of ears to hear - we got buzzed by a real life bee!

We had gone mid-week but failed to find a quiet corner to just commune with the hive - not that that stopped some people! :(

 - like the bees it was busy!

And we kept on getting buzzed by something else!

More constant than the buzzing bees and higher flying

But sadly not high enough!

Can you tell what it is yet children?



Helen said...

Oooo. We have a daughter living in London now, so I must get her there so I can enjoy a vicarious thrill.

VP said...

I was in London last week and forgot this was on when I was looking for an additional activity to justify going!!!!!!! I went to the Georgia O'Keeffe exhibition instead.

It looks fab :)

Jo said...

I didn't know anything about this so I've just googled and it sounds so interesting. Great that you got to experience it.

Ms B said...

Luckily as Friends of Kew we have been delighted to be able to get into the gardens before they open to the common people & so experience the Hive with few others around.

There was the lady who had the stick in her ear trying to listen to the buzz......I explained the stick should go in her mouth & why. As I left I looked back.....the stick was back in her ear!

You are never very far from the sounds of planes & parakeets in the gardens sadly.

Jane Hoehoegrow said...

Sounds fascinating ! Needed a quick lesson from Google to get me up to speed though!

Hannah said...

What a fascinating exhibit! I would love to experience the buzzing of the bees, though I get some of that in my garden. But I really perked up at them mention of not being very far from the sounds of parakeets, are those pets or wild? They can make a lot of noise, for sure, Karen.

Hannah said...

Oops, I guess the parakeets are those of a guest.

Helle said...

I'm not on Twitter so can only look but not write, but I'd just like to compliement you on that wonderful egret photo, fantastic.

Arabella Sock said...

hi Jane, Hannah and Helle

Sorry to be so long to reply to much appreciated comments! Life has been somewhat tough this year on top of which we are attempting to move to a different part of the country which has proved to be an extremely long, drawn out and stressful process. Awaiting phone calls about it even now!

So my poor blog and my comments have been sadly neglected but I'm hoping if we ever do get moved and things settle down I will have a new garden and life to blog about.

Hannah the green parakeets are a fixture in London and surrounding areas now - often in my London friends' gardens and flocks of them in parks. I think they started off as domestic escapees and bred!! They are noisy and pesky and don't really fit in - but they look pretty.

Helle - thank you for going to such trouble to comment on my egret photo. One of the reasons we are hoping to move is to be nearer to more varied wildlife - I think I am in danger of becoming a 'birder' in my 'old age'!

Helle said...

That's not a "danger" - I'm a birder and love it. Watching and ticking birds has added so much to our lives, just looking out of the window these days is so much more fun than it was pre-birding days. I have read about your impending move, sounds like you are moving to a lovely part of the country, one of our favourites in the UK, but moving is always very stressful so I wish you all the best and you hope it will be a good thing for you and the cats once you're there.